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  1. drummergirlamie

    Any Styx fans in the house?

    I loved this band. When in their prime they were pretty damn good. They were one of those bands in which all members were very good at their instruments. I'm also interested in knowing what some of you keyboard players think of this keyboard solo:
  2. drummergirlamie

    Anyone have any tips for me on my cat?

    I have a male cat that's 8 months old and I just had him nudered about 2 weeks ago cause he was sprayin' around the house, right? Well, he was behavin' himself quite well until tonight and I'll be damned if he didn't do it again. I thought the operation was supposed to stop all that...
  3. drummergirlamie

    You gotta read this.

    This is about as accurate as it gets. Sad but true. To Those of You Born 1930 - 1979 At the end of this email is a quote of the month by Jay Leno. If you don't read anything else, please read what he said. Very well stated, Mr. Leno. TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE 1930's, 40's...
  4. drummergirlamie

    Vivian Campbell

    Again, as mentioned in my introduction, I'm no guitar player. Songs like this are kick myself in the ass material for one day I may have been able to play this solo just half as well as this kid does:
  5. drummergirlamie

    A bit more cerebral...

    with some great violin work:**http%3a//
  6. drummergirlamie

    Chaka Khan

    This girl was one hell of a singer. I'm listening to her right now and each n' every time I do, I realize she's always givin' me the goosebump thingee. I gather many are reluctant or at least hesitant to describe one as an All-Time Great, but let's give this girl a letter grade on her career in...
  7. drummergirlamie

    That rare 2nd. album...

    that sometimes proves better than the first. I phrase it, “proves better” so as to include not only the quality, but the commercial success facet on the matter, as well. I love when this happens though cause it’s so seldom seen. I’m sure this is due in most cases to record company pressure...
  8. drummergirlamie

    Thanksgiving X 2

    This one (or two rather) was a special one for me cause I got to do somethin' really sweet for a friend. My roommate had to work Thanksgiving day and had to settle for warmed-up leftovers at her Momma's later that evening. Knowing this, I bought a big 21lb bird at Kroger a coupla days prior. My...
  9. drummergirlamie

    Girls only on this one.

    Is it just me ladies or are pantyhose starting to make a comeback of sorts? I was kinda concerned for a while there for it looked as though they were on the decline and hosiery companies are terrible about discontinuing or changing styles over the slightest of sales fluctuation, it seems. I've...
  10. drummergirlamie

    Was Ronnie Milsap an ATG?

    I threw a little party at my house last week and some of my friends (and new acquaints) and I got to talkin' about country music. Someone struck up the debate subject, "Who where the All-Time Greats"? Just then one of my girlfriends sarcastically yells out, "Ronnie Milsap"! (Everyone's laughing)...
  11. drummergirlamie

    Travis Meeks

    What ever happened to this kid? This was the original lead singer of, "Days Of The New" and I thought this guy was rilly talented. Where'd he go, anyone know?
  12. drummergirlamie

    Molson Canadian

    I was never one for beer for the longest upon longest time until I met and dated this guy a few years back that swore up n' down that Canadians made the best alcoholic beverages (PERIOD). That emphasis was for you, Eric. :D Anywho, I must admit, if I'm gonna do any beer drinkin' this is...
  13. drummergirlamie

    411 for the Steely Dan Fans.

    As all of you will soon recognize, with music I'm kinda all over the place and make honest (sometimes great) effort to not restrict myself. My MP3 and CD collections are surely among the most diverse out there. :D Of course, some genres (just a few, to be a bit more accurate) will never agree...
  14. drummergirlamie


    I'm Amie and I'm a drummer as well as a LimeWire addict and pretty much hafta have my music around me daily. I'm always interested in listening to a damn good drummer or guitar player. I originally started out playing guitar but quickly realized I have the attention span of a mongoose on crack...