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  1. Florestan

    I need a new MP3 Player

    My Sansa Clip Zip battery is dying. It will not hold a charge for very long (4-5 hours) where it used to last 12+. I was looking to replace it and get more capacity, but just about every MP3 player I look up that has expanded capacity, when you dig deeper you find out that their firmware...
  2. Florestan

    What opera are you listening to now

    I am streaming Der Freischutz at this link, which includes a synopsis. It should be the same as this CD, but I don't know if the sound is better on this CD:
  3. Florestan

    Atomic Rooster

    This band is awesome! Check out the awesome guitar playing starting at 4:17 that runs for about seven minutes[/U][/B]:
  4. Florestan

    Mussorgsky--Khovanshchina Opera

    Any folks here have this opera? What set do you have? How do you like it? I have Tchakarov and Gergiev sets. Both follow the Shostakovich orchestration. Shostakovich tried to orchestrate close to what Mussorgsky would have done had he finished the opera before the bottle finished him. The...
  5. Florestan

    My first post

    Hi, was excited to find this site. It came up when I was researching Boris Godunov, my latest opera excursion. I delved into classical in the 1980s and then was pretty much out of it for a long time. About 2009 I discovered MP3 players and proceeded to pursue ever disk I could find for my...