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  1. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Hi, I'm back!

    Hello everyone. I'm Lovemore from Lusaka, Zambia. I'm not a new member but I've away for about 10 years! I'm glad to be back. I don't know who is still around from "the good old days." Have a lovely day and see you in the Forums!
  2. Lusaka_Guitarist

    FeeLs great to be back... again.

    Wow! I've been off for a long time. I'm happy to be here again. I have a lot of catching up to do.
  3. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Feels great to be back!

    Hello, friends. I've been away from MIMF for a while now. I'm glad to be back and to find friends still posting. Lets mingle! Lovemore Nanjaya :guitar::banana:
  4. Lusaka_Guitarist

    I'm back with a gift - a new video!

    Hi, friends. Wow I've really been gone. Glad to be back. Well I just posted a new Classical Guitar solo of the hymn Amazing Grace and thought of sharing the link here. I hope you like it. Wow, its really nice to be back. Have a great day!!! Lovemore Nanjaya :guitar:
  5. Lusaka_Guitarist

    My arrangement of a hymn for Guitar

    Hello everyone. I did an arrangement of the hymn "Abide with me" for guitar. Somehow I feel I just might add something to it. It could be work in progress. I posted a video on youtube and you can view it by following the link below. Have a great day:)...
  6. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Something from Uganda.

    Hello everyone:). I heard this one today and couldn't resist sharing. Its called "Lead me gently." I hope you'll like too. Lovemore Nanjaya.
  7. Lusaka_Guitarist

    My Third Youtube video.

    Hi. Good to be back. Here is a link to the video I posted a few days ago. Its a Guitar Duet version of the song "As The Deer." A friend I hadn't seen in long time, visited my city and we decided to play something together. I hope you'll enjoy watching the video.:)...
  8. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Classical piece from Brazil

    Hi everyone. I came accross this great sounding classical song. I don't understand the language (which I suspect to be Portuguese) but I think its a Christian song. If there anyone who understands the language, please kindly share with us the general meaning of the song (you are free to go...
  9. Lusaka_Guitarist

    My first Video

    Hello everyone. I just uploaded my first youtube video in which I was playing a guitar version of the song Deep River. Part of a learning experience. Here is the link. Lovemore Nanjaya.:guitar:
  10. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Some A capella Music from Zambia

    Hello everyone.:) I play an instrument but I also love vocal music. Here are some links to music done by a Zambian group "Hertage Brothers" or "Heritage Brothers Zambia". The performance was done at the Lusaka Museum some time in January or February 2010 The first one is "Blessed Assurance"...
  11. Lusaka_Guitarist

    People geting high on MP3s?

    Now this world's gone crazy. I just read an artical ( about 'Digital Drugs.' Teens are getting high on MP3. Its amazing what sound can do. Many curious people are going to get hooked. Lovemore Nanjaya.
  12. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Zambian Comming for Rapper 50 Cent

    I couldn't believe it! Some guys can really cause laughter. I came accorss this video through a friend on Facebook. Check it out and see if you can resist the feeling. Have a great day. Lovemore Nanjaya.
  13. Lusaka_Guitarist

    This Version of Canon is Fantastic!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I believe this version of Canon by the London Symphony Orchestra will positively blow your mind! Are there any pieces that have left you wanting more or wishing they could be just a few minutes longer? What are they...
  14. Lusaka_Guitarist

    What's your favorite or Most comfortable Key?

    Hi. I just love playing guitar in D. Its easier for me to find notes when playing or trying to play by ear when using D. A number of times I would start with D then transpose to other keys. What's your favorite key and what key do you feel most comfortable playing your instrument in? P.S. Do...
  15. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Jayde Musica Music Sight Reading Game

    Hello. Hey has anyone here ever tried playing the Jayde Musica Game? It really helps when it comes to improving one's Music sight reading abilities. The additional beauty to is that its absolutely free. You can check out here . Let me know what you think and...
  16. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Guitar Amp Overdrive Button

    Hello everyone. I just got myself a small SX Guitar Amp. I would like to know what the "Driven" or "Overdrive" button really does. The equipment's manual is silent about it.
  17. Lusaka_Guitarist

    Hello Friends. Greetings from Africa!!

    Hi, my name is Lovemore Nanjaya (also to be known as Lusaka_Guitarist) from Lusaka Zambia. Zambia is a beautiful country right in the heart of Africa (the country is also called "The real Africa"). I'm a Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer who loves music. I play classical Guitar and sing bass...