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  1. JHC

    You just gotta laff

  2. JHC

    An outsider’s view of the American Election.

    I have just watched on TV the address given by Bernie Sanders at the Democrat convention and at last I have worked out what the Democrats stand for. I am amazed that he was not chosen as the candidate he speaks much better than Hillary and the values that he is championing seem to lean more to...
  3. JHC

    My first smart phone “Help"

    I am having an issue with data usage on my Samsung Galaxy J2, as far as I am aware I have not purchased any data yet I have received a message saying that I have been busy? upon checking my usage it shows that for the period May 17th - June 16th data used is 61.7MB and approx $10 has been...
  4. JHC

    Which TV?

    I am looking for a new TV, min 50 inch WiFi built in so that I can access www via modem and it must support separate speakers through its own amplifier to give decent sound. At the moment I have a Samsung and the only complaint is the poor sound quality it will run separate speakers but only...
  5. JHC

    Is he a wunderkind or what???

    What do you think? is it for real or what.
  6. JHC

    In the beginning !

    Now you know
  7. JHC

    Security suites

    I have been using McAfee for years and am now thinking of giving one of those free ones a try, I am thinking of ‘AVG Free’ any suggestions?
  8. JHC

    Missing posts??

    I received notification of approx 10 plus posts by abcdmedia in the email they seemed harmless but have been removed why???
  9. JHC


    Any one use the Opera Browser??
  10. JHC


    Ain't it great to ponder the ridiculous
  11. JHC


    Ever had one of those days? Bread maker was put on overnight to finish 10am so after breakfast I switched it off thinking it was the toaster but it had 2 hrs to go, no bread but a very upset Mrs. PC playing up so did a restore which fixes it 90% of the time I got called away and when I returned...
  12. JHC

    Burning CDs.

    LARS If this is in the wrong category please move. I am having trouble burning CDs. I down load as flac then convert to wav and burn at low speed via“Ashampoo burning studio” I have been doing this for several years with no mishaps but now I am getting crackles on the burned CD (just a couple...
  13. JHC

    Radio FM

    Beginning of the end for FM Radio
  14. JHC

    Audio quality from Satellite

    I have recently listened to music from Sky TV radio stations and the quality of the audio seem to be quite good much better than YT and other streamers but I can not find out the bit rate they are using does anyone know? or is my hearing that bad.
  15. JHC

    To all the old gentlemen

    Do you still listen to cassette tapes, I know it is a bit retro but I tried my old Sony a few weeks ago and it was in a sorry state with many mechanical knocks and heaps of wow and flutter, remember that term??? Now I have quite a bit of really good music on cassette so I took it to a man in...
  16. JHC

    Benifits of research.

    I just couldn’t believe the earth shattering research that my tax dollars are funding, where on earth would we be without the experts ??
  17. JHC

    Looking at education

    I watched a quiz show on TV last week and one contestant a young girl aka lady of about 18 years and quite a bright young thing selected to answer questions on Geography it turned out she was studying Geography at university, the quiz master suggested that this should be a walkover for her to...
  18. JHC

    Computer security systems.

    Which security software do you use ?? For the last 4-5 years I have used McAfee at around NZ$85 but do have the odd little niggle I see that Norton has a higher recommendation at about the same price but I had Norton for a couple of years awhile back and found it slowed the PC down quite a bit...
  19. JHC

    Re discovered delights

    I have been cataloguing my CD collection and am amazed at the amount of CDs that I had forgotten about (Hotterre - complete wind music) many recordings with Kuijkens, Leonhardt and the clan, Menuhin playing the Elgar Violin con with Elgar conducting etc etc etc verily my cup doth run over and...
  20. JHC

    We now pay to pay ???

    We are now being charged for paying our bills! Nooo you say that must be wrong….. not on you Nellie mate. If you pay your account by automatic payment you will not be charged for paying your account.. If you request a paper statement you will be charged $10 - $12 for each payment you make...