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  1. Narcissistic II (rough draft)

    I have combined Sketch I and Sketch II to make a draft version of Narcissistic II.
  2. My compositions - Ian Moore

    Please let me know what you of my new website. I would especially want to know if it makes accessing my music easier.
  3. Narcissistic

    This is one of my first orchestral pieces...It is very short - only couple of minutes long. Hope you enjoy it. Link should open spotify player on a web page. Please let me know if there are any problems. Initially, I intended to write a series of biographical ‘incidents’ outlining significant...
  4. La Palette...

    This is a study in 'colour and light'. It is conducted by Roger Redgate and the Ensemble Expose.
  5. Empfindsamkeit

    Originally, 'Empfindsamkeit' was the name given to an eighteenth century style of music which prompted the beginning of the transition from classical period to the Romantic. The word can be translated as 'sensitivity' and the music of this period shows an extra 'sensitivity', especially to...
  6. Sketch for orchestra - Ian Moore

    Reactions to my orchestration would be appreciated. Sketch for orchestra is performed by WES Orchestra.
  7. La Mort des Artistes

    I hope you will enjoy another work of mine. Inspired by the French symbolist poet, Charles Baudelaire, "La Mort des Artistes" is an attempt to create complete unity between poetry and music. It is sung by the alto voice, Rachel Fisher. It is a live recording in a church and the quiet passages...
  8. Adieu mon frère

    I would like to share my music with you. I wrote this oboe and piano duet a few years ago. It is a short extract so you only hear the oboe. The score is very complex but the music doesn't sound difficult. It is beautifully played by Christopher Redgate.
  9. Composers Wanted!!!

    What is the music used for?