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  1. AndreasvanHaren

    My first symphony

    Hello, I have put my first symphony on my website. Is has four movements, you can listen to the music and read the score while listening. Have a look here: best wishes, André
  2. AndreasvanHaren

    "Cat's play!" for orchestra

    Hi all! Here is the latest orchestration of one of my short piano pieces: Cat's play: Cat's play! best wishes, André
  3. AndreasvanHaren

    "After work, Late at night" for oboe and piano

    Hi! I made a version for oboe and piano of "After work, late at night", time to relax... Here is the link to the mp3 file: "After work, late at night" André
  4. AndreasvanHaren

    Goodnight - for orchestra

    Another version of "Goodnight", this time for orchestra. The sound is a little bit rough but it's the best I could do with my sounds. Goodnight for orchestra André
  5. AndreasvanHaren

    Goodnight - for string quartet

    Hi! I rewrote one of my little piano piece for string quartet. Here are the links: Goodnight - mp3 and here is the score itself: Goodnight - score Best wishes, André Sweden
  6. AndreasvanHaren

    New version of Piano Orchestration piece

    Hi, I made a new version of my orchestrated piano piece "After work, Late at Night". Here are the links to the mp3 and the pdf: "After work, late at night" - mp3: "After work, late at night" - pdf: I put the piece in a...
  7. AndreasvanHaren

    Orchestrating a piano piece

    Hi, I want to dive more into better orchestration and orchestrated one of my piano pieces. I would love to hear comments on it from people who did orchestration work them selfs. Here are the links to the score and mp3. in the score, I included the piano version as well, so it's easy to see...
  8. AndreasvanHaren

    A Paean

    Hello, Here is a choir piece that I wrote some years ago. It was performed by a choir in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I tried to improve the quality of the recording, took out some strange noises, etc. The choir piece is based on a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, called "A Paean". You can listen to...
  9. AndreasvanHaren

    My second piano sonata

    Hi, I finished my second piano sonata completely. I named it "The Golden Anniversary" and dedicated it to my parents who will have their 50th Wedding Anniversary this coming May. This sonata has four movements: 1. Moderato, molto espressivo 2. Adagio 3. Scherzo 4. Rondo - Allegro...
  10. AndreasvanHaren

    Piano trio for piano, violin and horn

    Hi again! I was wondering if there are trio's out there who are interested in a piece that has never played before. I wrote it for piano, violin and horn and it has four movements. You can preview the whole piece online here: And here are the...
  11. AndreasvanHaren

    Another Classical Symphony

    Hi! I worked many years on my first symphony and would love to hear it performed by a pro orchestra. Probably a wish that will hardly have chances to be fulfilled, but still I give it a try. The first 3 movements were performed many years ago by an amateur orchestra what was great of course...
  12. AndreasvanHaren

    Haydns lessons to Beethoven

    I am big Beethoven fan and read about his lessons with Haydn and that one of the things he learned from him was the motive's developments that Beethoven is famous about. Does anyone know where I can find more info about what exactly Beethoven and Haydn were talking about or is this completely...
  13. AndreasvanHaren

    Hello, nice to be here!

    Hi all! My name is Andreas van Haren. I was born in Holland but live now in Sweden since 2003. I studied classical piano and composition in Holland during the 90's. At the moment I do work that has nothing to do with music, but a man has to make money to live, right? However... I work on my...