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  1. John Watt

    my sugar maple leaf guitar, featuring "Sticky-Tone"

    It's not all good. I had a pair of DiMarzio "Fat Strat" pickups when they were the only single-coils they manufactured, getting those in 1972. I was re-finishing my semi-solid-body when I sliced one of them. It still hurts. I can't find another similar pair. This isn't about the sugar maple...
  2. John Watt

    El Testament D'Amelia

    I'm not criticizing this video when I say it's an amateur production, seeing it as a solo You Tube video. I usually have problems with amateur videos when they're playing classical music, what I grew up with. The only problem I have here I picking the first video, what is a teaser for the entire...
  3. John Watt

    YOUTUBE SHORTS: Prelude, BWV 999

    I can understand you. My first upgrade for making a You Tube video would be the ending, wanting to edit out the part where I reach for the camera to shut it off. Please let me tweak your brain a little to dust off traditional musical considerations, before I hit you with a new guitar idea. Is a...
  4. John Watt

    Any music recommendations?

    As a musician I can only recommend my favorite albums, specific for instruments. Solo piano: McCoy Tyner, "Naima", from "Echoes of a Friend". Drums, bass with either flute or sax: Elvin Jones, "Agape Love". I found these in the late 1960s and no other music has risen to their occasion. I have...
  5. John Watt

    Ohio, Neil Young 1970

    I have to admit it was easy to think the song should be slowed down and sung more serious, but that's coming from the late sixties when all folk-singers were too serious as stage performers. I remember the first time a folk singer appeared onstage with a home carpet, lamp and table, Valdy, from...
  6. John Watt

    please help me by filling out this survey

    This was an easy survey to fill out. I had to make up my own answers for very vague questions. I have to admit, I wouldn't do this if I was inside my own website. I feel protected here.
  7. John Watt

    Gursky Anton - Swedish Element

    Wow! I don't know what you did on You Tube but it's way to loud and I can't turn it down. This is a very symphonic website, everything blending with the click of a conductors' baton.
  8. John Watt

    YOUTUBE SHORTS: Prelude, BWV 999

    The piece in both videos is the same, wondering why you did that. You sound really nice, feeling peaceful while I'm listening. Okay, you made it all the way through in the second video, while the first one faded out. I'm still wondering why you did that.
  9. John Watt

    Ohio, Neil Young 1970

    When you say "feedback is much appreciated", are you up for constructive criticism? Right away I'm saying you should slow down, it's that kind of song. As a video production you shouldn't look so happy about this tragic afternoon. Four dead in Ohio, four dead and we all know, four dead in Ohio...
  10. John Watt

    Let's Talk | Jazz Hop Version

    Now you're getting worse. You're using the title "Let's Talk / Jazz Hop Version", but you're not, you're just shoving another video you made in our faces and asking us to listen to it, having an excuse this time, as if anyone here can dub in a vocal track. I'm singing all the time. Where are you?
  11. John Watt

    Inspirational Music - New

    I can see why you don't allow comments for your You Tube video, you don't want criticism. This sounds really bad, the voices. It sounds like one voice used to overdub many voices, or a machine making harmony, a poorly toned machine, voices getting thin and harsh, sounding jammed together as only...
  12. John Watt

    Modern sound in jazz.

    You're doing it again bayramjazz. You're not making a comment or supplying musical information, you're just uploading your video and asking members to reply. I'm not doing that to you. There is a category for showing your own music video. Have you listened to "Doo-bop" by Miles Davis? That...
  13. John Watt

    Sail Away To Psychic Exploration With The Ambient Music Of Marconi Union

    I'm psychic. That's a big part of playing music with other musicians. I'm also an online psychic. I'm reading these reviews and thinking they're better than the music, just reading, yeah... is good enough for me. Try this. When you sit in a chair, lift up one leg and use your foot to draw a...
  14. John Watt

    New Age Classic

    While I can respect the amount of talent and technology it took to produce this music and video, I can't in all good graces call this a New Age classic. The music is too ordinary, sounding like too many other productions, and the words aren't hymn worthy. I'm wondering is this is translated...
  15. John Watt

    SWEETER THAN HONEY - A New Powerful Gospel Country Release

    Wow! I don't know what you did there on You Tube but it's too loud and I can't turn it down.
  16. John Watt

    Happy to be here!

    After the first one I had to give the second one a chance, hearing a big difference right away. Guitar, not semi-shreiking birds, and a female voice, almost like the Girl From Ipanema. Maybe this is an update, wearing a virus mask to go with her bikini. Make me fly, take my heart up to the...
  17. John Watt

    Happy to be here!

    Yes, I remember when this soft synthesizer piano sound came out, and that drum machine, wondering about the semi-shreiking bird sound. The bass is disappointing, especially the tone, and it's too loud. That's what I'm getting out of it, loud bass and drum sounds, with some piano. I can think of...
  18. John Watt

    Happy to be here!

    People logging in to promote their own recordings usually don't last very long here. This isn't what these forums are about, unless you're in the proper category. You should have told us, or me, more about yourself, as an introduction. I'll listen to the first one and comment, being an old music...
  19. John Watt

    my sugar maple leaf guitar, featuring "Sticky-Tone"

    If I can get 174 views with no replies I'll reply myself and do an update. Now that I've looked at this guitar for a while Fender Stratocaster pick-guards look off-balance, too one-sided. They also look too thin, needing more screws, and sometimes warping. The right-handed neck I had fit into...
  20. John Watt

    Big changes coming

    I wouldn't mind if some of my older comments were deleted. I've been through two forum changes and it's always symphony level.