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    Proofreading of academic paper..... anyone able to help me?

    Dear all, I am currently on the verge of completing an academic paper on 4th semester at the university. The paper is written in (american) English and I would like a native English speaker, preferably with an academic degree, to conduct a proofreading of it! If any of you guys are able to...
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    New works for piano

    Hi all! I have recently completed composing and recording a collection of new works for piano (classical music with a jazzy blend). It is called "Poèmes" and contains 10 small pieces for piano. I have attached 2 of the pieces in this thread, and I hope you enjoy them :) Thank you for...
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    "Mastering" of classical music

    Hi guys, I will soon be recording for a new album and afterwards I need someone to do the "mastering" of the music. I know a guy who normally does this for me, but I have not been quite satisfied with his work recently :( So if you know someone, or if you yourself are able to handle the...
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    Question reg. rights to use a theme

    Hi all, I have recently "discovered" a piano concerto by a late, and rather unknown, danish composer. This piece contains a very distinct and beautiful theme which I have been considering to implement into one of my own compositions for solo piano. My piece would be structured around the...
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    Samples from yet another piano suite

    Hi all, I have just recently finished the recordings of my newest piano suite "Manden På Gaden" ("Man on the street"). This time I decided also to do the recording of the music myself. I think that I did quite well but it is up to you guys to decide ;) I have attached the Prologue and one...
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    Slaven Kolak

    Does anybody know this fantastic composer of Lounge/Chill-out music?? I have only heard 2 of his tracks (on the 2 recent Cafe del Mar compilations) but I would really love to hear more of his stuff... All Shades of Blue is my definite favourite. It is so beautiful and has a narrative twist in...
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    Samples from my new piano suite

    Dear all, I would be very pleased if you could spare a couple of minutes and listen to some (classical) music from my new suite for piano. This particualr recording is done by the very talented russian concert pianist Elina Kelebeev. I think she has done a great job! I will not upload the...
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    Happy Birthday Torsten!

    Happy birthday mr. Torsten Brandes! :) I wish you a wonderful day among friends and familiy and best of luck in the year to come.
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    Looking for young pianist to do professional recording

    Hi all! I am looking for a (preferably) young pianist to do some recording for me. I would like one of my piano suites recorded. The suite contains 1 prelude, 3 sonatas and 1 Finale, which all in all is approx. 13 minutes of music. The reason I am posting this here on the forum is because I...
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    Happy Birthday Rojo

    Congratulations Rojo!!!! I hope you will enjoy this day and have alot of cake ;) All the best wishes for the future! Love -Rune
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    Looking for Debussy score

    Hi all, I have been searching the net intensively in order to find the sheet music for the piece Lent (melancolique et doux) by Claude Debussy. It is part of his "Images Oubliees" for piano, which is not one of his most well-know works. I have managed to find the whole Images Oubliees to...
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    Looking for young pianist to do professional recording!

    Hi all! I have discussed this idea with Frederik Magle (admin) and decided that it is a good idea/proposal. I am looking for a (preferably) young pianist to do some recording for me. I would like one of my piano suites recorded. The suite contains 1 prelude, 3 sonatas and 1 Finale, which...
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    Female Composers??

    Hi all, Last night I as wondering: Have there ever been any female classical composers around??? I don't recall anyone in any period of time. Do you guys know something about this???
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    Jeg har et spørgsmål til kvinderne, samt evt. mænd med hang til lyserødt (*host* Corno *host*).... Jeg har nu gentagende gange set piger som bærer de såkaldte ankelvarmere. Men jeg kan simpelthen ikke forstå hvorfor en sådan beklædningsgenstand er berretiget til at eksistere! For det første...
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    Electronic music discussion

    OK, time to talk about some of the modern stuff First of all, here is a definition of electronic music . What do you think about electronic music? Do you like it and do you feel that it has contributed to the musical development? I know there are many different types of electronic music...
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    Okay, jeg har brug for lidt gode råd her... Jeg er "kommet til" at sige ja tak til et pianist job som jeg ellers aldrig ville have taget! Normalt spiller jeg kun til klassiske koncerter men nu er jeg blevet bedt om at spille "baggrundsmusik" under et middagsselskab. Grunden til at jeg sagde ja...
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    Køb af computer!

    Hej alle, Min lillebror skal have en ny computer, men jeg synes at markedet er MEGET uoverskueligt. Jeg går umiddelbart efter at købe en mærkevare PC (Fujitsu, IBM, etc.) som er samlet. Den skal være ex. skærm og budgettet er sat til ca. 6000 kr. Ved I hvor man kan anskaffe sig sådan en PC...
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    The magic of Debussy

    Hi everybody, I have just been playing "Clair de Lune" - a famous piece by Claude Debussy - on my piano, and in that relation I would very much like to know your personal oppinion of the music from the impressionistic period. I am myself mostly interested in the music written for piano as I...
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    New user - from DENMARK !!! ;-)

    Hello all, I am very pleased to have joined this forum, which I have been studying with great interest over the last few months. And now, well, I want to take part in the exciting discussions... :-) I'm very excited to have found this forum as it is, apparently, one of the only forums with...