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  1. virginiaprograsser

    Acoustic & Electric Mandolin in Rock and Grass - Any fans?

    I have become a huge fan of the mandolin over the years; what a versatile instrument! I was introduced to it mostly by listening to Sam Bush of New Grass Revival but have found that it has an extensive rock history as well, e.g. Led Zeppelin. I own a beautiful little blonde Weber that I am...
  2. virginiaprograsser

    Video Killed The Radio Star?

    I have still not gotten with the video revolution I guess. Maybe it is because of my generation (50 y.o.) or maybe it is something else but I still prefer a great speaker system to a great video screen/speaker system for interacting with my favorite music. I have toyed around with watching...
  3. virginiaprograsser

    Anybody going to RosFest Prog Rock Festival Next Weekend?

    RosFest (Rites of Spring FestivaL) is being held next weekend at the Keswick Theatre outside of Philadelphia USA. "The Fifth annual Rites of Spring Festival in Glenside, PA is proud to feature 10 great bands over 3 days in the month of May 2008. The...
  4. virginiaprograsser

    Echolyn's Brett Kull & Paul Ramsey record with The Syn

    Pictures of the recording sessions in Philadelphia and all that at: :)Steve S-N Newgrass, Prog & More Web Radio Tidewater, Virginia, USA
  5. virginiaprograsser

    The Syn 2008

    ***2008 New Core Lineup*** STEVE NARDELLI: songwriter, lead singer, guitar. (founding '60s member) FRANCIS DUNNERY: guitars, vocals, bass guitar (It Bites) TOM BRISLIN: keyboards, vocals (Spiraling; Yes Symphonic Tour)...
  6. virginiaprograsser

    My Alan White, Tony Kaye, and Billy Sherwood Exclusive Interviews

    Scheduled back-to-back on my ongoing interview series 'CONVERSATIONS FROM THE FARMHOUSE': Billy Sherwood, Tony Kaye, and Alan White (World Premier!) one hour each from 7-10 pm Eastern Daylight Time (US). This same schedule will be repeated on Saturday, May 2nd at the same time when I will be...
  7. virginiaprograsser

    My New Interview with Alan White (Yes, CiRCA)

    By SAM MCDONALD Music Reporter The Daily Press Hampton/Newport News VA 757-247-4732 December 19 2007, 12:27 PM EST Steve Sikes-Nova, an Internet radio disc jockey based in rural Mathews County, recently scored a big interview: A famous drummer who got to open for Led Zeppelin at the...
  8. virginiaprograsser

    Circa's/Yes's Billy Sherwood Interivew Premiers Today!

    My Interview with Circa's Billy Sherwood premiers today with 2 times - convenient, I hope, for both Europe/UK and the USA. Circa is Billy Sherwood, Alan White (Yes/John Lennon), Tony Kaye (Yes's original keyboardist), and Jimmy Haun. Please check the new and available archived interview...