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  1. marval

    Happy birthday OLDUDE

    I have just found out it was John's birthday yesterday. So I hope you had a lovely day, and here's to many more. Please enjoy your cake.
  2. marval

    Help needed

    Can any of you Jazzy people help me with a couple of queries please? I am trying to find out who the Tenor Saxaphone player was with the Artie Shaw Orchestra in 1949. It mentions Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, but hubby doesn't think it was either of them. (Feel free to prove him wrong.) I am also...
  3. marval

    Find the animal

    Here are some amazing photos, see if you can spot all the hidden creatures.
  4. marval

    Are these not beautiful?

    This man must have been really cold when he had finished. He really is good though.
  5. marval


    I think I have found the perfect house for Halloween, Are any of you brave enough to buy it?
  6. marval

    RIP Bert Wheedon

    Sadly today Bert Wheedon died, he was 91 years old. He helped many guitarists on the way to a career. May he rest in peace. Margaret
  7. marval


    Do any of you like looking round museums? I didn't realise some of the strange museums there are. Here are some links to a few. They will either keep you busy for a long time, or make you laugh...
  8. marval

    Any flower lovers here?

    Someone shared this elsewhere, I think it is beautiful.
  9. marval

    RIP Edmundo Ros

    Anyone remember this man, he died last night aged 100. I just wanted to say thank you for the music, and rest in peace.
  10. marval

    The Ink blot test

    I don't know if anyone has done this, it is just a little bit of fun. I got some strange results. I will share them later.
  11. marval

    Sheep darting anyone?

    I don't think this has been posted before. Just a little bit of fun. Margaret
  12. marval

    Clever pictures

    I really like these, I wonder if any of our friends from Sydney have seen them?
  13. marval

    Are you bored?

    I don't know if any of you have seen this. If you have nothing better to do, try testing this guy. it is just a little bit of fun. Margaret
  14. marval

    Don't look if you are scared

    This is not for those who are squeamish about spiders. Just click on the link and make the bugs appear, and move the spider. Have fun, and no spiders were hurt in the making of this. Margaret
  15. marval

    Whistle anyone?

    Can anyone here whistle? I remember it took my ages to learn how to. I love this piece of music, Margaret
  16. marval

    Bubble wrap

    For those who are bored, or have nothing else to do. Just click on the bubble wrap. Margaret
  17. marval

    Keep fit music

    This is how to play music, and keep fit at the same time. Does anyone fancy a go? Margaret
  18. marval

    Happy birthday Mike

    Sorry this is late, but Friday March 26th was Mike's birthday. A belated happy birthday Dorsetmike, I hope you had a lovely day. I hope there is enough cake to go around. Margaret
  19. marval

    R.I.P. Johnny Dankworth

    He died on February 6th, he might not have been the most well known of Jazz musicians, but he was cosidered a pioneer of modern Jazz. The Stables venue he owned with his wife Dame Cleao Laine had a 40th anniversary concert at the week-end. Despite his death she appeared to announce the news...
  20. marval

    Yawn Free

    Whatever the animal, don't they look cute when sleeping? Margaret