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  1. Frederik.Sjölund

    Time flies when you're having none

    Much work at work and not enough time for music. However, I managed to find some time for some music lately. So here I post two new songs! The first one is a piano-piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago: The Sanguine Sea The second one is my latest work-in-progress: Traveling East - Work in...
  2. Frederik.Sjölund

    Released my first Album!

    Hello gang! I'm excited to let you all know that I've actually released my first album world wide through the magic of digital distribution! It is my electronic music project that I call "Shuttle 1.02". The album is so far available on Spotify, iTunes, Juno Download, and will be...
  3. Frederik.Sjölund

    Long time no sea!

    Long time no see! I haven't been around much. Sorry. I had pretty much one and a half years of no inspiration at all. And just recently some of it came back. So I decided to record a song that I had written the lyrics for earlier this year. Here is the result! Let me know what you think :)...
  4. Frederik.Sjölund

    Did I show you guys my website(s)?

    Did the website update last year. Not sure if I ever got around showing you guys. Here goes :) Let me know what you think! And feel free to listen to some tunes in there as well. For instance, when I worked at Grin, I got to do the music for the prototype of...
  5. Frederik.Sjölund

    I've been a bad boy...

    Hello Magle forums. I haven't been very active for some time, and for that, I am shameful. More so because I actually made some music and I haven't posted it here for some reason. About a year ago I upgraded my computer hardware and bought the latest version of Cubase. And as such, when new...
  6. Frederik.Sjölund

    Red Army Choir - Sheet Music?

    Hello fellow music-people. I've been thinking about making a kind of "remix" of one or more of the old Red Army Choir tunes from the days of the reds :) So I was wondering if any of you may know where on the internet i could find it? Alternatively midi-files would work aswell. Cheers,
  7. Frederik.Sjölund

    Piano Piece - Finished Song

    Hey guys. Long time no music. Today i finally sat down to do something. The result is this piano-piece. And believe it or not, i actually finished it too :) So let me know what you think! Cheers!
  8. Frederik.Sjölund

    Discovery of the New World

    A new tune i started working on a couple of hours this weekend. Its mainly an intro for now as i don't know yet in what direction i want to take it.
  9. Frederik.Sjölund

    Mountain Test

    Did a little playing around on the computer last night and did some mountains. Nowhere near final. But yeah.
  10. Frederik.Sjölund


    Hey people. Last night i decided to continue the old tune "Elemental Floating" as it was called when i started it last year. I haven't touched it since. Until now. The tune is about 3 minutes longer now. Have a listen and let me know what you think :D...
  11. Frederik.Sjölund

    And now for something COMPLETELY different.

    Hey guys. Long time since i posted anything here. I have been busy at work and recently inspiration came crawling back to me so i decided to try something new. Here is the result, enjoy! Feedback would be great! Cheers, guys!
  12. Frederik.Sjölund

    More guitar-stuff.

    I have started two new songs. First off we have this one: Secondly we have this one which i started tonight: (updated in reply below) They are kinda short for now, but at some point i will continue working on...
  13. Frederik.Sjölund

    New Guitar - New Tune

    Hey guys. As some of you may know i bought myself a nice Guitar last week. And thus there will be music different from what you've heard from me earlier. But since i previously only played acoustic guitar, this piece wont be anything advanced or such. Either way, check out the WIP...
  14. Frederik.Sjölund

    Music for Fantasy RPG (WIP)

    Hey guys. Long time no post. During the winter i've been in a very creatively dry period. No inspiration what so ever. Except for now. The past weeks i've been far more productive than i've ever been. And so last night, i started this tune. Have a listen and...
  15. Frederik.Sjölund

    Elemental Floating

    Here is a new smooth tune im working on. I am so far very happy with the result. Im going to develop it further so its not as short as it is right now. But i just cant stop listening to it, heh. Here it is: As always, crits and comments are welcome for...
  16. Frederik.Sjölund

    C64 - Retroism - WIP

    Hey guys, i started a new tune. Pretty different from my usual stuff, nothing orchestral this time. Now its more retroish. I guess. C64-style. Not sure what genre this tune would fit in, since i dont make music for genres, i make music for fun :D Anyways, here it is...
  17. Frederik.Sjölund

    Middle East Inspired Work In Progress

    And finally i've started to get back to making music. Started experimenting and there it was. The concept for a new tune. Let me know what you all think about it. Comments an crits are warmly appreciated. Best Regards
  18. Frederik.Sjölund

    Lets talk Inspiration

    I am bringing up this subject since its most likely an issue to most of the musicians and composers and other creative people. Personally i've been lacking inspiration for months now, and it is clearly eating up alot of time where i could have been creative. So.. What do you people do in order...
  19. Frederik.Sjölund

    Folkish and Medievalish Tunes

    Well i thought i'd do some more tests with my Rare Instruments samples and i came up with a rather Folkish tune and one perhaps more Medievalish. Let me know what you think :)
  20. Frederik.Sjölund

    The Return [WIP]

    Hello there fellow musicians! There has been a long time and no posts from me in this section. Tonight i started with a tune and i thought i'd try to use some of my new samplings for it. Such as bagpipes and whatnot. Anyhow, please let me know what you guys think of it. Crits and comments are...