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  1. Our new trap album

    Hello my friend check our new trap album..Hope you will like it
  2. alternative song

    i guys, This is Hermionerial from Hong Kong, a female rapper. And it's my new song about Dobby from Harry Potter, I love to do any alternative topic song, hope u guys enjoy and subscribe me! Thank you~!
  3. new electronic music track

    I made this track around six years ago before I stopped making electronic music. After much thought I decided to release the track on all major stores/streaming services. The single was made completely "in the box" using a popular daw and a few softsynths. The vocal noise you can hear is...
  4. Get the sun new track hit the charts

    A producer (and multi-instrumentalist) of my friend "Gliffo": His debut single "Get The Sun In Your Head" hit the greman & italian Amazon Charts. The music video got more than 100.000 views in less than 4 weeks... please check the song Rock/Pop...
  5. New record from Philadelphia

    Check out my brother with the new record from Philadelphia based artist HHHColtrane & Miles Burton! It deals with loss and addiction in a powerful way. Be sure to follow their platforms."
  6. producer with spanish music style

    Hello guys, A new talented artist is coming to surprise us with his spanish style of music check him out
  7. dj music producer with emotional music

    DJ and Music Producer, a devoted music lover nad friend of mine that creates music with emotions. Check out his stuff
  8. New female songwriter

    Hello guys check this amazing new songwriter and friend of mine from Turkey She has amazing voice and style in her music
  9. Amazing collection of libraries

    Check out this amazing collection of libraries
  10. EP by indie artrock band

    ”Old Hits 2: More Old Hits is the new EP by indie artrock band a truth called nothing. Please enjoy their most surreal production yet!” Our EP is here:
  11. Debut single from artists from St. Louis

    Debut single from artists from St. Louis. More material coming soon.”
  12. Fine Girl" produced by Kayomusiq

    Muffius opens the year of 2019 with a brand new single "Fine Girl" produced by Kayomusiq. Fine Girl is a song that appreciates all the beautiful girls all around the world. Links to song - Fine Girl YouTube Apple Music...
  13. New instrumental piano cover song "let her go"

    Hey guys..Hope you like our new instrumental in a wonderful song "Let her go" Share if you like!
  14. Read all about it - piano and cello instrumental

    Hey guys..Hope you like our new instrumental in a wonderful song "Read all about it"
  15. Piano and cello instrumental

    Piano and cello instrumental cover on song "Read all about it" one of my favouriste songs..We performed that song and we want your support if you like it!..Share , post a comment about your opinion or like our video..Thanks
  16. Our new instrumental piano cover song "All of me"

    Our new instrumental piano cover song "All of me" ..We are from greece and made this new channel to show our music..Hope you like it!
  17. Hello!

    I am musician,singer from greece..This is my blog
  18. My first opera song that i performed

    Hello!..I am new to this forum.. I love music..and i wanted some opinions about my singing.. Its live in my home.. The song is raise me up by josh groban M friends cant accept that i am singing so i want some true opinions..Thanks
  19. My blog about love songs..

    This is my blog about love songs...Music for life!