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  1. Whoozis playing quiz

    Mat, I can't figure out that quote! Meantime here's a piano clip. Who be the piano player.
  2. Real Trains

    Mat. Crazy!!:cool: Teddy. " Track 29 can you spare me a dime?":grin: And now, going back to the locomotive shed.
  3. Real Trains

    Mat. 'Take The A Train' isn't actaully a steam train it is a subway train. The song words go; " hurry, take the A train, you'll find it the quickest way to get to Harlem..." I'll post two versions on the jazz forum since this is a steam forum. Also another song, a Louis Jordan one, I...
  4. Real Trains

    Teddy. What with a few things cropping up I haven't managed to go to any railway events this year. Maybe later! However my shovelling days are numbered now!! :( By the way this place is Bo'ness Railway. Two friends of mine work there at weekends. It is their pastime, one has passed his driving...
  5. Whoozis playing quiz

    Mat, I had trouble with the complete data removal on this. But giving it a try. Who's the guitarist.
  6. Real Trains

    And another, me at work on 'Morayshire'. ;)
  7. Real Trains

    Another photo from one of my steam weekend visits.
  8. Real Trains

    Thanks for the info Mike! I am giving it a try now to see what happens!
  9. Whoozis playing quiz

    Ah! it was him! :) I actually considered Esbjorn Svensson. I know - I would say that!! However, I tend to often get him confused with another pianist who was, to my ears, associated with a somewhat similar approach, or maybe it was just his name that confused me!! Just for interest I'll chuck...
  10. Whoozis playing quiz

    For this session I think Oscar would be resplendent in his tuxedo, with bow tie and white shirt, and gold cuff links.:cool: Name the pianist and the tune.
  11. Whoozis playing quiz

    Here's another piano one. Popular still playing at the top level today.
  12. Whoozis playing quiz

    After struggling yet again to recall how to do this, it seems that it has worked, I hope, so I decided to upload the file. Name the pianist. He played with Dizzie Gillespie, Cannonball Adderley and host of other top names, and is still very much active today.
  13. Whoozis playing quiz

    Just to keep some interest going, for your amusement, here's another clip. A famous pianist.
  14. Whoozis playing quiz

    Mat. I am posting another file just to make double sure that I remembered how on earth I managed to do the last one! Who is the tenor man on this one?
  15. Whoozis playing quiz

    Mat.this is a trial run.....