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  1. WalkingTheSky

    Any John Mayer/Jonny Lang Fans?

    Hi all, I was just curious if anyone else was into the guitar and lyric GENIUSES by the names of John Mayer and Jonny Lang? I'm head-over-heels for their music. Any other fans in the house?
  2. WalkingTheSky

    Hello, fellow music lovers!

    Well, I guess I'll introduce myself here...;) I am, what my friends and family deem a mature and diplomatic person. (Really, I'm not bragging...:o). I just recently spent most of my time promoting the ONE all my friends and family...hoping that more exposure will bring out...
  3. WalkingTheSky

    'The Village' Soundtrack - Opinions?

    \'The Village\' Soundtrack - Opinions? Hello all, I'm new, as you can see. I'm a new, yet very passionate soundtrack fanatic, and just recently picked up 'The Village,' a VERY good film in which the score is composed by James Newton Howard, one of my favorite composers. Has anyone else...