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  1. What is the meaning of music?

    Does music have any fundamental meaning? Can music just be people writing advanced, culturally informed stuff using instruments, notes and sounds? Thank you :)
  2. Is music worth listening to?

    I often put on Beethoven or the Beatles and instantly forget it after I listen to it. Same happens with stuff like Madonna or Boulez sometimes (though they are more memorable). Just wondering because, if if you can't remember it, is it still worth listening to? My landlord is always...
  3. New Here!

    Hello, I am a DJ and poet. My book came out last year which explains in detail about the people who my wife slept with last year, as I was watching her. The music I love ranges from Hildegard, to the Clash, to Elliott Carter, to Prince. I would consider myself to have great tastes but I am...