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  1. I want to edit my post

    Hello! Can you tell me what should i do if i want to edit my post? Thanks
  2. Andres Segovia- asturias tab

    Hi!!! I have one question. I want to find guitar tabulature for Asturias. can you tell me where I can find it? Greetings laica17 ( Daria) :)
  3. Hi, new mamber here

    Hi! I will write some information about Michal "Jelonek" Jelonek - POLISH VIOLIN VIRTUOSO! This informations are taken from his website but I translate them into english for all people who like his music but don't understand polish. [regulator edit]: I have good news! English version of his...
  4. greetings from Poland!

    hello! I am from Poland and I'm a fan of artrock music and all kinds of metal. I would like to present You polish artrock music made by Michał Jelonek-polish violin virtuoso. I thought that it is worthwhile to present his music in different countries. I would like to add that in Poland he is...