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  1. Gareth

    Learning organ

    Now, I know there are alot of you organists out there, I just wanted to tell you of the new instrument that I am playing. I find it like a mini orchestra (no wonder why Bach and earlier composers were such great orchestral composers too). Thats all, any suggestions or comments? Gareth.
  2. Gareth

    World Kareoke Champion

    Anyone hear about who won the world kareoke championship? My parents saw it in the local newspaper, the guy used to work at Suncorp which is a bank situated here in Australia. My brother used to play tennis with him as well. I just find it really strange on how my town holds the world Kareoke...
  3. Gareth

    How many pages for "The Hope".

    Just a question Frederick, you know "The Hope" that you composed that goes for roughly 14 minutes...How many pages did that take, must have been quite a lot I would imagine. Thanks. Gareth.
  4. Gareth

    My Album

    Hey everyone. As you all probably figured out by now, I am a pianist. I busk at a restaurant/cafe. Luckily the resturant/cafe has an electric piano there, a nice spot at the boat harbour. I have a repoitoire of approx 17 songs which I know by memory and takes about an hour and a bit to run...
  5. Gareth

    What Instrument (in you opinion) sounds great.

    Hey everyone! In your opinion, what instrument sounds the best through all the music periods, I particulary like the violin as I think it has sounded great through all music periods (that is Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism .etc). So what is yours??? Cheers Gareth.
  6. Gareth

    Musical jokes

    Who knows some really good musical jokes? Here is some that I found, check them out! Why can't skeletons play church music? They don't have any organs! Where do cantalopes go in the summer? John Cougar Mellon Camp! What's green and sings? Elvis Parsley!! What kind of music did the...
  7. Gareth

    A Time Machine ?????

    What is everyone's opinion on a time machine, do you reckon it is possible, to me it is impossible, as life is something that has already happened.
  8. Gareth

    A science and technology section???

    Just as a suggestion --- would it be possible to get a science and technology section on here, I think it would be pretty interesting if people can share on these topics. It might also attract alot of people, and therefore more members. Thanks Gareth.
  9. Gareth


    Does anyone know where you can find the free sheet music for Beethovens Moonlight Sonata that is in the key of D minor...I have been looking for ages and ages, and all I could find is in C#minor...which is not what I am looking for. Thanks for your help. Gareth.
  10. Gareth


    What would anyone consider the best quote about music...??? If you can make some up it would be good. here is mine, although I am sure most of you would disagree. "music is merely a collection of notes collected into one to create harmony, texture, melody .etc music isn't how it is written it...
  11. Gareth

    The worst humour

    Ok, I will start at this...I don't mean any harm when critisizing any nation of their humour, let me make that clear. In my opinion the best humour style has the be the British with the way that it isn't farfetched, with Australian humour coming second and last American humour, shows like...
  12. Gareth

    Battle of the instruments

    I have had this in my head for a while now....what instrument is harder to learn compared to the other??? Keyboards you have to focus on two clefs at once (unless one is rested of course), get your fingers into the right spots and form chords and the harder you press the louder the sound comes...
  13. Gareth

    My Speech

    I am doing a music assignment on analyzing repertoire and how music has influenced me as a musician, and the song that I have chosen to do is da da da dummmm.....Fantaisie Impromtu op66 by Chopin. Here is my speech (and the audio file), it is still a rough draft so it might be a bit scrappy, if...
  14. Gareth

    Name of this piece????

    I heard this piece played and it had a low pitch throughout, Organ obviously, and it seemed to be very slow...and a "muddy" texture, I have been trying to find out the name of the piece, so I can dowload it, it was used in a Cathedral and the low notes frequencies cracked the floor (blow my...
  15. Gareth

    Moon landing Conspiracy

    As you all probably heard people have denied that man never landed on the moon (1969 with Appolo 11) and it was staged, there were factors which contributed to it, but they were blaitenly opposed by NASA, and found evidence that proved that they did in fact land on the moon. Gareth.
  16. Gareth

    Free sheet music

    Hey, does anyone know of a good place/places where you can dowload free sheet music (classical if possibe), I have got one, but there was another one that I saw a while back here on the forums, does anyone know of it?
  17. Gareth

    The longest piece of music

    Here is a question, what is the longest piece of music that was ever created, out of all styles of music?????
  18. Gareth

    US mining disaster

    Hey what does everyone think about the mining disaster??? Yes terrible If you haven't seen it, it has been all over the news. And I mean all the rescue services got the body count wrong. 1 dead 10 alive to 10 dead 1 alive. Who should be blamed??? The rescuers or the mining company for...
  19. Gareth

    Who is from where??

    Hey everyone, just out of curiousity how many nationalities, where does everyone come from???? please reply.....I am living Australia, but was born in RSA. Cya later Gareth.
  20. Gareth

    What do you like about music

    Music effects us in many different ways no doubt, but what do you like about it? I like the part where you can express your feelings, and just how it suits your day, or cheers you up perhaps. But playing classical music, made me realize that it doesn't racially effect anyone, no rebellion...