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  1. Contratrombone64

    from Youtube to MP3, brilliant

    OK - so I have been ignoring YouTube mostly as I have "assumed" that the content is mediocre. Wrong! There are, if I look hard enough, some very fine performances given AND in high definition. I have discoverd a website that will convert a YouTube movie's sound track to MP3 and I'm in heaven...
  2. Contratrombone64

    Chocolate cake quest

    I'm on a quest to find the best chocolate cake ... anyone like to give me their fav?? Margaret??
  3. Contratrombone64

    Misogyny in Australia - the Prime Minister's perspective

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivering an impassioned speech at Parliament ... fascinating stuff
  4. Contratrombone64


    Has anyone else listened to Frederik's amazing album "Like a Flame". I'm just sampling it on iTunes but will most definitely buy it. Wonderful stuff.
  5. Contratrombone64

    Carnaval of Lost Souls ...

    This is random, though related to the pipe organ. I just saw an old black and white movie, on Fox ... very disturbing in reality. Called Carnival of Lost Souls. Features the spirit of a church organist who dies an horrific car accident (off a bridge). Anyone seen this? The lady who played the...
  6. Contratrombone64

    Two rarities of Saint-Saëns

    Just been listening to two seldom heard operas by Camille Saint-Saëns: Hélène and Nuit Persane (though Nuit isn't strictly speaking an opera, but who cares). Wonderful stuff, can't understand why they're not performed. the recording I have is an Australian one from Orchestra Victoria (based in...
  7. Contratrombone64

    Plane Spotting

    Hi all, I've recently taken up plane spotting. I live VERY close to Kingsford-Smith airport (Sydney). So on my early morning walks I head there and then sit and watch the big birds come and go from the main, north-south runway. Kingsford-Smith (Sydney) is right on Botany Bay, it takes me 45...
  8. Contratrombone64

    A box of tricks

    A dear friend of mine died last year (cancer, dreadful) and she left me a box of organ music, which I've only just started going through. I'd quite forgotten what it was like to be a "kid in a candy store" ... David
  9. Contratrombone64

    The Slap urge

    There is a contraversial book called The Slap written by a Greek Australian. Basis of story, child behaves VERY badly and adult slaps it (adult not child's parent, who is a hill-billy/bogan/feral (add adjective here appropriate to your country). So this is the reason for this hilarious...
  10. Contratrombone64

    The Video thread

    I thought it might be instructive to set up a thread where we can show off videos we take of things going on in our part of the world. Obvioulsy videos of supermodels lying naked on beaches is probably to be avoided. I'll start, mine's about 100 metres from the start of the east-west runway...
  11. Contratrombone64

    Simon Preston and Bach's Organ Works

    Now, I couldn't resist Simon Preston playing Bach's Complete Organ Works from iTunes as I thought $59.99 was pretty, bloody cheap. Again, no organ listed, anyone help with this, driving me demented. David
  12. Contratrombone64

    Olivier Vernet playing Franz Liszt's organ works

    Well - I'm interesting in purchasing this set from iTunes, but not before I know where it's been recorded. No mention of the organ anywhere - most disturbing! Lars, Jonesey, Frederik ... anyone have any ideas? David
  13. Contratrombone64

    The art of Marie-Claire Alain I just love this and love the instrument. Wonderful. Can't WAIT to hear Jonesey or Lars record this for us.
  14. Contratrombone64

    John Williams music revisited

    This is quite amazing, love this guy. And I'll never listen to Jaw's theme again without laughing my head off. It's very worthwhile listening to the whole thing!
  15. Contratrombone64

    Fright at the museum

    Well, some of you know I work for a large book publishing firm. Anyhoooo, I was attending a book award event at the Australian Museum, in Sydney and had to sneak out a little early as it was a Friday evening of a long weekend vacation. I was told to walk through the room picured and NOT touch...
  16. Contratrombone64

    Migrating iTunes to new storage area

    Hi - anyone had any dealings with this? If you did, and it was painless, please share you tips? I'll not only be migrating purchased music, but downloaded CDs from my collection. I want to move my iTunes library from my Toshiba laptop, to an external 1 Terabyte Disc Drive.
  17. Contratrombone64

    this could be a dangerous resource!!

    Dear fellow organ (music) lovers, this is an Australian store, based in Sydney (where I live), and they've finally provided a digital catalogue of their collection. Please note this is an anqituarian shop, so you won't find brand new music (good quality, yes, brand new, no). Nice range of organ...
  18. Contratrombone64

    Tchaikovsky's violin concerto ...

    This is probably one of my favourite pieces of all time. I have several recordings, but my current favourite is Hilary Hahn, with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. What is your favourite recording of this incredible masterpiece??
  19. Contratrombone64

    How dare we preach civil rights to China when ...

    This blog, from a writer I have enormous respect for, is thought provoking. You may not agree with his sentiments (and if you disagree, it's irrelevant, unless you're Australian).
  20. Contratrombone64

    the Bells of St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney

    Some of you might know this, I ring church bells. And I'm only new at it so just a beginner. I attended practise last night at St. Mary's and took this vid of the ringers in mid swing. I'm not ringing, as I'm holding the camer. Really sorry for the absolute shite sound, but it was from my phone...