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  1. Small Pipe Organ Building

    Hi, I am a member but not been on the forum since 2009, (I've been busy !!). My Name is Chris, and I build "Small Pipe Organs" which I usually sell on e-Bay (UK). My forum name is WINDCHEST. Can we talk ?? - Cheers Chris. (UK)
  2. How do I upload music or scores

    How can I download music to this site ??. Unfortunately I am not very good at writing the music I have composed in "Sheet" form, So I record it in various formats including midi,then using PC programmes I can print it out. Chris
  3. Small Pipe Organ builder.

    Hi, I'm chris and live in England. I owned a motorcycle shop until last May 2007, But now I am semi retired and build small Midi, (or not) Pipe organs, I sell these, usually on e-bay. I have a fair amount of knowledge on the construction of small pipe organs, and I am willing to help any amatuer...