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  1. mariokbee

    What 5 songs do you want to be played at your funeral?

    I know this is a little morbid but it would be interesting to find out what are your opinions. If there is a similar thread i could not find it. So here's my list. I am a happy person and when I die (hope not soon :)) I would like everyone to cry... very, very much. :grin: -Ludwig van...
  2. mariokbee

    First song! want reviews! :)

    Hello! I'm a bass and guitar player who developed same taste for crossover music so I started to compose. This is my first song and I want some critics. Thank you! Here's the link:
  3. mariokbee

    Hello from Bosnia and Herzegowina

    Hello I'm form Mostar, BA and I stumbled across this forum while hoping to find other people who enjoy the same music I do. I listened to Metal music alot as a teenager because it had a lot of emotion but as I grew and tried to express myself in metal I found out that it's lacking, lacking alot...