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  1. Thomas Dressler


    Spent a terrific week down south, practicing on the 1800 Tannenberg in Winston-Salem, North Carolina! What a wonderful instrument! I think what I like best about it is its winding system, and it's one of the few instruments from that era that still has its original system. It is very flexible...
  2. Thomas Dressler


    Just a quick hello to say I'm back after a lengthy time away from the forums. I'm looking forward to catching up, and will try to do some writing this weekend, however not sure how much, as I have a wedding, teaching, and several Masses to play! If I can't get to it this weekend, in the...
  3. Thomas Dressler

    Franck/Widor/Dupre performing practices

    Ok, Acc--You start! :)
  4. Thomas Dressler

    Quick Hello

    Hello to everyone! A few issues have kept me off the board for much longer than I would have liked. But I'm back and will begin to make my way through all the interesting posts I have missed! Looking forward to catching up! Thomas Dressler
  5. Thomas Dressler

    Posting of Specification lists

    I'm sure there are some who are interested in reading specifications of various instruments, but I'm not sure that I like long stoplists interrupting the flow of threads. I haven't made a rule about this, so I have allowed it, but for now I would ask that everyone be thoughtful and somewhat...
  6. Thomas Dressler

    Organ Historical Society Convention

    I'll be away from computers for about a week, as I'll be in New York state near Saratoga Springs for the Organ Historical Society 50th national convention. I'll be playing on June 28 on a very nice small (9 rank) tracker in Shushan, New York, very near the Vermont border. Have fun discussions...
  7. Thomas Dressler


    I apologize for having been away for awhile. I had to deal with a whole string of difficult situations which made it very difficult for me to keep up with much reading or writing on the forums, but I'm back, and hoping that doing some catching up with be therapeutic and bring me back to being...
  8. Thomas Dressler

    Bach Marathon

    Howdy, sorry I've been away for a couple weeks. It seems like my life goes in waves of being really busy, alternating with times when I can sit and reflect and write. This past Sunday, our local chapter of the American Guild of Organists (Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania) held their annual "Bach...
  9. Thomas Dressler

    Quick note

    Just a quick note--I'm going to be scarce for a little while, as my mom had surgery and I need to stay with her. If I can find time to get online with her computer, perhaps I'll be posting. If not, I'll be back in a little while. Tom
  10. Thomas Dressler

    Brokeback Mountain

    Here's one to start something: Who has seen Brokeback Mountain and what did you think? I'm wondering if it's playing outside the US, and if so, I'm curious how people from other places are reacting. You can get an idea of the general American reaction by reading the user reviews here. It's...
  11. Thomas Dressler

    Interesting posts

    Hi--just wanted to say to you all that there are some interesting threads going at the moment--exactly the type I like to write about. However, for a couple days I was swamped with finishing some arranging and writing some short pieces, so I just followed your conversations. Today I was in a...
  12. Thomas Dressler

    Registration in Bach's music

    Registration in Bach\'s music In another thread, bonh-101 asked the following question: "I have one last question though, I am teaching myself Toccata & Fugue in D Minor and I can never get the right registration..." "It's always off, and the pedals seem to have a really powerful stop on...
  13. Thomas Dressler


    The subject of temperament came up in another forum, and it has come up once or twice here, recently in joking. I think it's a very interesting topic and one that needs to be explained for those who are not familiar with the idea. So what I'm going to do in this post is outline some of the basic...
  14. Thomas Dressler

    Pitch--A=440 or other pitch?

    Colorful Mage made some interesting observations in another thread about pitch and temperament, and I'm going to pick up the subject of pitch in this thread. Colorful Mage, from what you said I'm beginning to think that you might have perfect pitch--yes? I say this because your argument that...
  15. Thomas Dressler

    David Tannenberg

    In another post, Giovanni asked a couple questions about David Tannenberg. I'm not at home near my books (writing this on my laptop in a motel room) but I'll make a short posting, writing what I can say off the top of my head without double checking references. It is somewhat of a mystery where...
  16. Thomas Dressler

    Linux music software

    I've recently been experimenting with Linux on my computer--trying out different versions. . .There is a ton of software out there for Linux, but it is difficult to know where to look for things. Does anyone know of good music software--specifically music notation software and recording/editing...
  17. Thomas Dressler

    Talking at organ recitals

    I'm just wondering how some of you who read this forum feel about the performer talking to the audience and explaining the music he/she is playing. Here in the US people disagree on how they feel about it. I've been told that in France it's common and that programs are often not printed, but...
  18. Thomas Dressler

    A nice organ

    Here's a link to a very nice organ I'll be playing on October 2, 2005. The organ is at Christ Episcopal church in New Brunswick, New Jersey (USA). Richards-Fowkes, New Brunswick It's a truly nice instrument, which is loosely based on Dutch Baroque design, but it's flexible enough to play a...
  19. Thomas Dressler

    Second most important

    There's a very interesting discussion going on at the PIPORG-L list, and I thought it might be interesting to bring the discussion here and see what people might say. Almost everyone agrees that the most important composer for the organ was JS Bach. But if you had to choose the SECOND most...
  20. Thomas Dressler

    Hello to my organist friends

    I know that some friends of mine will be dropping by to visit this forum from time to time. This is just to say, "HI!" and to invite you to register and say hello! Don't be shy--let's see what kinds of conversations we can start! Thomas Dressler