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  1. Pista Gyerek

    Schoenberg's Op. 26 Wind Quintet

    I don't know how many of you here are familiar with Schoenberg's Quintet Op. 26 for Wind Instruments. I can't seem to find any video of performances of this engaging work. Not that a video clip could do justice to the scope of such a composition. Generally considered the first of Schoenberg's...
  2. Pista Gyerek

    Charles Wuorinen (b. 1938)

    I always feel like I'm beating a dead horse whenever I mention Charles Wuorinen. He's an American composer who gained notoriety in the Sixties for formal experimentation and won a Pulitzer Prize in 1970 for his electronic composition Time's Encomium. He's frequently dismissed out of hand for...
  3. Pista Gyerek

    Walter Piston (1894-1976)

    Walter Piston was an American composer and music theorist whose output represented a very accessible strain of American modernism. Here's the third movement of his Seventh symphony. which should give you a taste of the energy, exuberance, and lyricism of his work. Regards, Pista Gyerek
  4. Pista Gyerek

    The Symphonies of Roger Sessions (1896-1985)

    I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the symphonies of Roger Sessions (1896-1985). I mentioned before that he’s a woefully underrated composer, a high-profile American modernist who gave concerts with Aaron Copland. His works were too unconventional for the conservatives of his day...
  5. Pista Gyerek

    Greetings - Modern Music Aficionado

    Hello all! I'm a fan of classical music who loves Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. But I'm truly fascinated by modern and contemporary music of the Stravinsky/Schoenberg/Bartok sort. Luckily I live near Boston, home of Gil Rose's BMOP (Boston Modern Orchestral Project). This troupe explores the...