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  1. New Thread in Electronic/Digital sub-forum

    Hi all, I draw your attention to a new thread, in which I introduce the sounds of my latest (and possibly last) VPO made using jOrgan. There are links to audio files which I think you will enjoy and find of interest. Analogicus
  2. Norden Schnitger VPO Emulation

    Hi all, When I was about 15 years of age, my local church was rebuilt, larger and grander, and in it was installed a small tracker 2-manuals pipe organ. I “learnt” to play it, to the point that I could play occasionally for church services, and spent the next 65 years hoping that I would hear...
  3. New Website for jOrgan

    I have created the jORGAN DISCOVERY website to help new users have a good experience of installing and using this fine Virtual Pipe Organ program. It contains a GALLERY page with sound samples to showcase what jOrgan can do. Of course, the quality of what you hear depends on how good your audio...
  4. Question about MyOrgan

    I am helping a friend set up MyOrgan on his computer to be played from a pipe organ console he built, using standard drawstops with electrical contacts fitted. We got it going yesterday, using the free sample sets of the Ott Orgel and the Stiers-Mockers organ. It sounds fantastic! But I have a...