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  1. Switchfoot

    This is also one of my favorite bands especially after I heard their version of “Only Hope”. I think this band contains some element of religious content because when you get to scrutinize their lyrics, you can sense that there is somehow a spiritual inspiration in it.
  2. Coldplay

    Unlike other rock artists, this bond is mellower in terms of vocals and instruments. Before, I do not appreciate this band because I find them a little bit boring, but after listening to “Yellow”, I fell in love with this band!
  3. Horror films soundtrack

    I am not really a fan of horror films but it is unavoidable to watch a movie since most of my friends love to watch this type of film. Is there a particular film that featured a certain musical score that really gave you the goose bumps?
  4. Moulin Rouge soundtrack

    I love this movie and even bought a copy of the soundtrack. A lot of songs bring a lot of emotions and I find the theme very appropriate for the movie.
  5. My Chemical Romance

    It is one of the well known pop / rock bands nowadays especially with their new hit “Black Parade” playing in the radio station. How do you find this band? Share your insights here.
  6. Pop Rock bands

    There are a lot of bands emerging these days and sometimes, it is really difficult to put them as a pure rock band or a mixture of pop and rock. Are you fond of listening to these bands? Or you compare them with boy bands?
  7. Most important element of a song

    Whenever you choose a song to listen to, what is the first thing that will make you listen to it? Is it the lyrics, beat or the artist who sang it?
  8. Queen

    It is one of the most successful progressive rock bands during the 70’s. One of their popular songs is “We Will Rock You” that was even recorded by the boy band Five.
  9. Sound of Music

    It is one of the best musical films that I ever saw. I love the songs and the movie itself. What can you say about this movie and the soundtracks?
  10. Do you still find soul in the modern soul?

    I think some of the genres nowadays are trying to diverse from the common theme and tries to produce a different vibe for their music. With regard to soul music, some artists claim that they belong to this genre and that there is really soul in their songs but do you really think that they do?
  11. High-school musical soundtrack

    It is one of the most popular movies done by Disney and the soundtrack was recognized as a hit. It may not be too appreciated by adults but for me, I find the songs fun and bubbly.
  12. James Bond theme

    The composer of this is a genius! It is one of the best themes that will make you recognize a movie easily. Are there other pieces created by the composer behind this? Any additional information will be appreciated.
  13. Phantom of the Opera OST

    I wasn’t able to watch this movie but I love listening to the soundtrack. My favorite is “All I Ask Of You”. It gives me the goose bumps whenever I listen to it.
  14. Norah Jones

    I am not a big fan of Jazz but when I listened to her album, I loved her songs. The lyrics are full of emotions and she sang it so well that you will be moved while listening to it.