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  1. Leaving

    I don't plan on using this site again so please delete my account. It doesn't seem there's any way for me to do it myself.
  2. Get Tournemire Music All in One Place?

    Ok, so the IMSLP public domain is great, you can even get all the works of Bach free. Yet they still make elaborate "complete works" volumes, and I find that much easier than sporadically printing out just what I need. I am a HUGE Charles Tournemire junky, I already own the Cinque Improvisations...
  3. 6th Annual Lexington KY AGO Bach Marathon

    A video of my performance at Lexington's celebration of Bach's birthday. This is the sixth year we have held this 12-hour music exhibition, and the AGO is coming close to having played the entire organ works as a group. This year the theme for the AGO part was the miscellaneous chorales...
  4. Hehe, My New Website

    I used one of the free "create your own website" places to make a place to store all my media related to the organ. Thought some of you might enjoy checking it out, and I do plan to update it as it becomes fitting:
  5. The Centennial of Jehan Alain

    As many of you probably know, the 100th birthday of the great French composer Jehan Alain is coming up in less than a month (February 3). This special occasion has prompted me to learn "Litanies" this year, one of my favorite pieces of all time. I absolutely love French organ music and Alain is...
  6. Howdy!

    Hello everyone, I'm an organist in central Kentucky. I play for a Disciples of Christ church in the town of Stanford. I plan to start music studies in college next fall, this looks like a neat place to discuss the king of instruments and all great music! Mark