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  1. Strunch

    Classical pieces I wrote for Xmas

    This last one isn't really a Christmas track as such, but it was at least written on a frosty morning - and it also took a first place on the classical hearthis chart a couple of months ago. That is the only 1st place I have with classical music on that chart. I hope you all had a merry Xmas...
  2. Strunch

    Ad Hoc (reduxusia) - music video

    This track was made on a sort of commision where four people chose its fate - more or less. Footage from ESA.
  3. Strunch

    Organ piece: Epics of Gilgamesh

    So, another organ piece. The keen listener will notice some familiar notes in the intro.. With all due respect, a small tribute to a great man.
  4. Strunch

    Intro for an organ piece I'm working on It's my first organ composition, so I thought it to be befitting for this forum. Feel also free to review my new website now that I'm in the website review section anyway.. Cheers! And nice to see so many...
  5. Strunch

    Momentary Modifications

    Hi fellas, A new EP is out, featuring Little Mystic (The netherlands), Richard Bethell (Canada) and Kaer Trouz (USA) on the vocals, in that order. The music and compositions are mine. Little Mystic Richard Bethell Kaer Trouz Me May you enjoy...
  6. Strunch

    New EP - The North Woods - Danish/Alaskan collaboration A rather mellow and melodic EP produced by an American and I. Hope you guys like it.
  7. Strunch / New website / Search engine

    Developed by a few computer science geeks and I. Feel free to share your thoughts on this.. You can find or add something better than almost anything on the internet. If it isn't there yet, then you can just add it. Cheers!
  8. Strunch

    Disco / Electronica / World / Pop

    Here's a remix of a rather young singer, made for EMI records/BB Denmark.. I made it, mom! As far as it gets :smirk:
  9. Strunch

    Different church organ music

    Two new pieces for review.. The first, Frosty Apartment, is going on a compilation CD for open genres in Sweden. It has generated a lot of positive feedback. The second, Upchurch, is one I think may be interesting for this specific forum, as I use a reversed church organ throughout the piece...
  10. Strunch

    New Music Video

    Beats by Stagger, the rest is by me.. Chopped up samples and VST plugins. The video features three classic mickey mouse films. 5YenVCrizLc
  11. Strunch

    A few new pieces

    Hello people, It has - as usual - been a while, but I thought I would just pop in and see what's happening on these boards these days, and then post a few new pieces in the same act.. Here you go.. Two of the pieces are collaborations with other bedroom...
  12. Strunch

    Been a while

    There has happened all kinds of things with my music since the last time I was posting here, so here's a couple of my latest pieces.. Have fun and enjoy. You can find more music by me that you haven't heard, listed on my album Love Cliché Deluxe...
  13. Strunch

    FL Studio, and the final stand

    It must be two albums ago since I posted anything here, so I thought I might post a few pieces now.. First off, I used to work solely in an app called FL Studio, but has now switched to using Cakewalk's Sonar rewired with Propellerhead's Reason instead. I wrote a final piece in FL Studio as a...
  14. Strunch

    Easy electronica... eeeaaasy =)

    Ok, here's one of my latest pieces - it's fairly different from what I usually make. I would like hear what you people think of it. Download/stream: Thomas Strunch - Forsaken And heck, here's a little remake piece you might find to be quite familiar. I have tampered a little bit with what...
  15. Strunch

    EWQL: Mozart - Quintet for clarinet... KV 581

    Download/Stream: Mozart - Quintet for clarinet, 2 violins, viola and cello in A major, KV 581 (1789) - Allegro Unknown sequencer Prepared by me with Native Instruments(NI) EWQL Symphonic orchestra Silver, but I added a flute and thereby turned the quintet into a sextet. The sampled sound is...
  16. Strunch

    A rather simple piece

    ..but it has some good elements here and there (in my opinion). Let me know what you think, folks. Download/stream: Solar Tension. I hope you'll enjoy it.
  17. Strunch

    New pieces

    I promised some people in here to post some of my latest music a while ago, it does however, seem that only few of them are left these days! So sad, but I will post two now, anyway: The Globalist (mixed genre): This one is made for an American independent movie called The Plan (shooting in...
  18. Strunch

    Composers and bands in googlefight

    I needed a break from composing, so I decided to put 16 composers and bands in a Google Fight to see who was more popular (or most frequently spoken of) on the internet. Quite silly really, but also rather amusing for geeks like me. Here's the result: you can see: Classical music was...
  19. Strunch

    I'm not a 3D artist by trade..

    I\'m not a 3D artist by trade.. ..but since you have a board for these things here, I thought I might show some of my small pieces (for the first time officially). I'm well aware that I'm not on the level of certain other 3D artists here, but here we go anyway: The day before chistmas - Quite...
  20. Strunch

    My first publication on a music board

    I try to make music in as good as all genres, jazz, classical, blues, new age, soundtracks and mostly in genres I make up myself. What is common for them all is that they're instrumental. I would've published some of my classical music now if I hadn't just got a new library (EWSO Silver) from...