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  1. Youtube musicians!!

    Hello everyone.. I just wanted to show you all of my covers on youtube (Only 3 so far).. But here's the link.. It would be nice if you would take a look.. And if anyone else is a "youtube musician" I would like to see your channel...
  2. To all the writers & composers!!

    Hello who ever read this!! ;) I would really love to write - compose my own songs, but i can't.. I have cubase, a midi keyboard and a good computer, but I don't have the most importent thing of them all.. "The inspiration and the ideas".. So if as many songwriters - composers as possible would...
  3. Den lukkede afdeling..

    Hvordan kan det være at jeg ikke kan komme ind i den lukkede afdeling selvom jeg har skrevet over 10 indlæg?? Og tja.. Jeg er jo dansk.. XD
  4. signature??

    I have seen a lot of the users have somekind of signature down below their answers, but how do I make them??:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  5. New man in the crew ;)

    Hello everyone.. I'm new here on this site, so I just wanted to tell something about me.. Well.. I am very interested in every kind of musical instuments (Singing is included).. I am 15 years old and I play basically the piano but I have just started to play the guitar.. A few days ago I made...