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  1. GrandOrgue ODF attack/release questions

    Can anyone help explain to me the following section of a GrandOrgue ODF? Pipe001=Rorflojt8\036-C.wav Pipe001LoadRelease=N (So is this the sustained sound sample?) Pipe001AttackVelocity=86 Pipe001AttackCount=2 (What is the relationship of Pipe999AttackVelocity to...
  2. GrandOrgue and Sonus Paradisi demo samplessets

    I was trying to create a GO ODF for the St. Michel free demo sampleset, but the WAV samples will not load. The following errors are caught: Sun 29 Jan 2017 01:55:28 PM AST: caught exception: Failed to open file '.\GO_montre8\036-C.wav' Sun 29 Jan 2017 01:55:28 PM AST: Error while loading...
  3. GrandOrgue stop borrowing

    When "borrowing" a stop, what is the difference between a REF entry in the ODF as opposed to simply reloading the same .wav files?