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  1. The score of Sous le ciel de Paris

    Who has the score of Sous le ciel de Paris? I greatly demand that one!
  2. Je m'appelle Ling

    Je m\'appelle Ling Je m'appelle Ling. I can play different kind of woodwind instruments. I'm studying music in China. Having preforming experience in several European countries.
  3. Retain the culture diversity or not?

    Some people think that it is not nessecary to maintain the culture diversity. They consider it useless, and think that it is the trend to let those traditional cultures extinct. Those culture on the edge needn't be protected. Whereas, I think that we should maintain the culture diversity. Who...
  4. Jukebox

    Jukebox Band-in-a-box 8.0 is a nice software for composing. But I'm not at all familiar with those chorus(D7, Em) I'm wondering who can give me a list of that or some detailed information or webpage about that?
  5. What is your favourite composer?

    [list] Debussy [list] Stravinsky [list] Greg [list] Beethoven [list] Mozart More composers are suggested if you could
  6. mp3 download

    Do you think it is legal to download mp3 freely? Do you think it is convenient or good to do so?
  7. Pipe organ music

    Suggest some website of that instrument
  8. Irish flute

    Who can play or have an Irish flute? I'm wondering if you have this interesing feature.
  9. Hidden Dragon

    Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon is avery nice soundtrack. Has anybody listened to that one.