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  1. bainsk8

    Have you heard of flying pigs?

    If you have then take a look at this bizzare story, of course it's all done in the name of research.
  2. bainsk8

    Photo or Fake?

    I don't know if this test has been posted here before but never the less give it a go! And post your score below. :-) The Challenge Results Six out of ten answers were correct. Pretty good ! The CG artists have worked really hard -- but...
  3. bainsk8

    My Music Photography Site

    I would like to share my music photography site with you that I built. Let me know what you think.
  4. bainsk8


    Hi I'm new to this forum, so hello all. I to contribute to this forum in a positive way, as time goes by. I had a tip off from a friend in USA on a group The Redwalls, they rock with so many influences, I'm into them at the moment. Another group I'm into is the Kaiser Chiefs would love to see...