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  1. Trebbien


    As some of you already know, I was travelling 3 months in the beginning of this year in New Zealand and Australia. Both very exciting and beautiful contries.... I met a lot of nice people, and did really enjoy the nature! Some of my photos are at this website...
  2. Trebbien

    Photos from "Vikelandsparken"

    Photos from \"Vikelandsparken\" I went on a minicruise (Oslo-Cph) a weekend, and here are some photos of some nice and interesting sculptures in "Vikelandsparken", Oslo.
  3. Trebbien

    Til lykke med fødselsdagen, Grete!

    Hjertelig til lykke med fødselsdagen, Grete! Sikke en dejlig solskinsdag at ha' fødselsdag på... jeg gætter på at du nok ikke sidder inde foran computeren i dag med sådan et pragtfuldt vejr, - men du skal nu alligevel have et stort til lykke med dagen! Håber den bliver god, og at du må få et...
  4. Trebbien

    Happy Birthday, Anita!

    Congratulations on your birthday, Anita!!! I hope that you are having a nice day.... (and that you're still in here, so you can read this ) and a great year ahead of you. Trebbien
  5. Trebbien

    Happy Birthday, Priest !

    Well..... Happy Birthday, Priest!!! May you have a very pleasant day, and a great year ahead of you! So, where's the party ? Trebbien
  6. Trebbien

    Happy birthday, Pamadu!

    Here, we go again, celebrating! You are several hours ahead of us, so now it's time to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Paul.... I hope you will get a very good day, and that Jamie will cook some very delicious danish food for you!!! Hope you can hear me sing: (and you can along if you like ) Happy...
  7. Trebbien

    JAZZ! - this is one of my favorites!

    "Those Who Were" is indeed one of my favorite tracks in my entire cd-collection. The performer is one of our very best (THE best, if you ask me! )bassplayers in Denmark; Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (NHØP), and Lisa Nilsson (Sweden) is featuring with her beautiful voice in this song! Both this...
  8. Trebbien


    One of those days I'll go public (at least in here..!) with some of my paintings in this thread.... But in this moment I have some problems with my photo-program, - or maybe it's the other way around anyway I am at this point determined to get my problem solved myself.. and if I don't succeed...
  9. Trebbien

    Your eyes!

    I wrote a poem some years ago, and it has been in my drawer since (actually I forgot it existed), but here it is. (Warning: A bit sentimental and very "girlie-like" ) _________________________________________________________ Your eyes When I see into your eyes I see fear Fear of feeling...
  10. Trebbien


    Hi guys! My name is Birgitte Trebbien, born 24th of march in Copenhagen. School: Ordinary school like everyone else. Math/Music student in 1991. Went to teachers' college with Music and Art as my major subjects. Have had some different jobs (not related to the school-world), but went back to...
  11. Trebbien

    Hej Frederik!

    Hermed er din opfordring fulgt! Og eftersom jeg har været herinde og lure i et stykke tid nu, er det vel også på sin plads at komme med en lille hilsen. Det er en sej hjemmeside du har, - og dette musikforum virker interessant! Jeg kan se på antallet af de andres indlæg at jeg ikke når at vinde...