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  1. Izabella

    formal analysis?

    hello,could anyone tell me where I could find some analysis of organ music. I'm looking for formal analysis of organ works by Franck,Widor,Mendelssohn and ofcourse Bach. Any information will be helpfull. Respectfully
  2. Izabella


    What are the diferences betwen baroque organ sonatas an the ones written in romanticism.Of course they sound different becouse the instrument it self but I am more interested in the form of the sonata.
  3. Izabella

    organ builders?

    hi... Can anyone name a few organ builders of romanticism...I found a few names in England and ofcourse in France but what about Germany? I just can't seem to find them even though I know they're out there somewhere:banghead:
  4. Izabella


    does anyone know where can I download Bach's three-part invention scores?
  5. Izabella

    Hi everyone

    Hey,it's been a while since I wrote anything around here,but I did't forget about this forum... I spend a lot of time working-me and my boyfriend teach children how to play accordeon and piano,and ofcourse something about music ingeneral,so when I come home I go straight to the sofa:sleep...
  6. Izabella

    Hallo with a question

    Does anyone know something about Rachamaninofs vocal pieces?and maybe where could I listen to some of them? Greetings from Croatia... Yours respectfully
  7. Izabella


    Hi, I am again with aquestion... I need to compare the French and German organ music in romanticism,so I would need some help,comments,sites,links...whatever...couse the things I could tell about it are just too little:banghead: please help, respectfully
  8. Izabella

    Hi everyone...

    I just wanted to say hi...:cheers: I wasn't online for a while,summer vacation and stuff,but in september I'm coming back to work,to writing my paper,to mimf and so on... Hope you enjoy in the rest of the summer,'couse I am:guitar: Manny greetings from Pula,yours respectfully
  9. Izabella

    News about my paper...

    Hi there... Well here are the news...I talked to my mentor a few weeks ago and we changed the whole concept of my paper...Now the main part is comparing French and German organ music in romanticism...(Ofcourse I'll mention other countryes as well) I have to admit I'm a little bit discuraged...
  10. Izabella

    Need a few information....

    Hi there... I wasn't around for a while,but here I am with a question...:) Does anyone know anything about Ole Schmidt?I know he was a Danish composer and conductor and that's about it... Also I need a few information about his toccata no.1 I hope you can help me...:confused: Greetings...
  11. Izabella

    A few nice thoughts...

    Art is like the Sun,becouse the Sun doesn't shine that the flowers would grow, but flowers grow becouse the Sun shines... Karl Heinrich Waggerl The ultimate happiness is when a person is ready to be what he actually is... Erasmus von Rotterdam Miracles and phenomenas wich we can't explain...
  12. Izabella

    Musorgsky's favorite work

    Hi there... Lately we're talking about our favorite works so I wondered wich work composed by Musorgsky is your favorite?Did anyone played his works? Right now I'm listening the Pictures at an exibition, but I love his Night on the naked hill(Sorry if it's called difrently in English I just...
  13. Izabella

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter! (was: Everyone) Hi,there... I know this thread doesn't rally belong here but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter... I won't be on line for a while,so enjoy.... see you in a week or two... Yours trully
  14. Izabella


    Hi everyone... I'm practicing Bachs prelude and fugue in d-minor from Das wohltemperierte klavier(book 1)and I'm having some troubles,so I was wondering if someone played it on piano.The prelude is going fine but I cant manage the fugue to sound right!!! help!! and if anyone has a link...
  15. Izabella


    I just read Gareths post about time travel wich lead me to a copmletely different topic-horoscopes... What signs are you guys and girls;) ?do you belive that your date of birth has something to do with the way you live?? curiously yours
  16. Izabella

    Here's a part of my work on organ music

    I just wanted to share wht I did so far on my paper with all of you,so if anyone got any coments or suggestions,well anything,please feel free to tell me:grin: ... And please..if something is written uncorectly, isn't easy to translate every Croatian word,but I'll do my best:whistle...
  17. Izabella

    a proud anouncement

    Hi everyone,I just wanted to let you know that I'm writting my paper and it's going really good...Thanx again for your help and if anyone needs some information and I can help....just ask Enjoy,yours respectfully Izabella
  18. Izabella

    What about composers for organ?

    Hi,I know that I'm new here but as I was looking through the topics I have'n found composers and..actually that is what brought me to this forum(amongst other things) See I'm writting a paper for my diploma and I'm trying to find out who wrote,what was written,and which music forms were used in...
  19. Izabella

    Hello everyone!!!!

    Hy,I'm new on this forum,so just a few words about me... My name is Izabella,and I'm a 24 year old student from Croatia I'm studying music for...well as long as I can remember... Right now I'm writing my finishing paper for my diploma and I chose the topic should be about organ music in...