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    You can add me as your friend on Facebook any of you a Facebooker? If you are and you want to add me as a friend, you're welcome. Just let me know that you saw this message (just in case we haven't 'met' here yet). is my profile.
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    What's Your Problem Today?

    We all have problems, don't we? While it is not good to dwell on them much longer than we dwell on the blessings, sharing our problems with friends (those shareable, anyway) can bring the gravity of the problems halfway down. Since we have grown to be a community of good people, at least, the...
  3. C5Says

    What Blessings Did You Have Today?

    I'm starting a new thread, in the hope to set a positive aura. Counting your blessings is a great way to realize what you have (as opposed to take focus on what you don't have). Since every day is a new day, each day presents a different blessing than the previous days. The list may not be...
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    12,208 Unread Posts!!!

    My dearly missed MIMF friends, I just would like to let you know I'm still alive (whether or not you would care) and hopefully I'm back for a more regular basis...where's my coffee? :) I'm speechless and all I can say is I missed you!!! When I logged in and check the new posts, the first in...
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    Can You See The Message Behind The Notes?

    Have you ever considered that maybe scores can be messages?
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    Call Me 'C5'

    Hello everyone! I'm glad to have found this site! I'm a pro-blogger and as I was surfing through opportunities at sponsoredreviews I saw the entry that points to this site. Since I love classical music I enthusiastically took it. Hi Frederik, I've listened to Hope...I say it is majestic! Very...