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  1. iwan ruby

    "Phantom Of The Opera" Cover(s)

    i like this version, of course with a more heavy metal feel..
  2. iwan ruby

    Who is your favorite film composer?

    My Top 5 1. Hans Zimmer - The Lion King 2. Bernard Herrmann - Taxi Driver 3. Max Steiner - Gone With the Wind 4. Klaus Badelt - Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Javier Navarrete - Pan’s Labyrinth
  3. iwan ruby

    Music Quotes

    If heavy metal bands ruled the world, we'd be a lot better off. Bruce Dickinson
  4. iwan ruby

    What is your favorite classical soundtrack(s) from movie?

    one of the best in my opinion.. Vangelis - Chariots of Fire
  5. iwan ruby

    Which song will never feel old to you and will always be Good to listen to?

    actually if I list it will be a lot of lists! but this is my top 10 1. A ha - Take on Me 2. Fools Garden - Lemon Tree 3. 4 Non Blondes - Whats Up 4. Kasey Chambers - Not Pretty Enough 5. Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights 6. Blondie - Maria 7. Renato Russo - Tempo Perdido 8. Aerosmith - I Don't Want...
  6. iwan ruby

    Greetings from Indonesia

    ok sir, thanks 🍻
  7. iwan ruby

    Colderra "Cracked" New Single

    Hai.. Everyone! This is the first single from a collection of materials that will be on the 2nd album which we plan to release next year. This new single is titled "Cracked", this song was actually conceptualized as a duet, but this promo version still comes with a single vocal! For the full...
  8. iwan ruby

    how to value my music correctly

    if you don't try, you'll never know the result.. so if you dare please do and currently there are many references that can be searched..
  9. iwan ruby

    Where to find rare movie sountracks?

    i think discogs is worth checking out to find some rare collectibles..
  10. iwan ruby

    is playing guitar is good for your mental health?

    anything related to art in my opinion is very good for mental health, as long as the art is positive (Of course, the level of positivity according to each person will be different).. and in my opinion music is also a work of art, whatever is in it, including the guitar as a musical instrument...
  11. iwan ruby

    I have a great opportunity for any kind of musicians

    why don't you explain it directly in this thread? at least what is offered and what are the requirements.. and if there is a package option, what is it and how much does it cost
  12. iwan ruby

    How to improve our voice quality

    everyone will certainly have a different voice character, if in singing, of course the character of the voice will lead to what kind of genre is being sung! although actually there is no rule of what voice character should sing what genre! i sing in two bands with different genres and to be...
  13. iwan ruby

    What is your favorite genre?

    i listen to various kinds of music, and usually the type of music i listen to is always adjusted to or where i am.. but if i had to choose i would choose metal genre! the reason is simple, because i grew up with that kind of music and i also play that kind of genre..
  14. iwan ruby

    Greetings from Indonesia

    hai everyone.. my name Iwan Ruby from Malang, Indonesia. my daily activity is managing the screen printing business! i play music as a hobby and i play in a little band called Colderra, you can listen to my song at the following link besides that sometimes i...