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  1. Baroque Opera Thread

    A thread for posting observations and links relating to Baroque Opera. Apologies if there is a thread of this title or type already. I couldn't find it, if so. Have a nice day. :)
  2. Health and Wellbeing

    This is a thread on which to post articles and links which are about health issues. Good health to you all.
  3. Do You Like Klezmer?

    I do. And here's the thread to look at it. Why I like it is the 'eery' shape of the tunes - much use of the harmonic scale - and also the spirit shown, which varies from tragic feeling to pzazz.
  4. Music Education

    I was lucky enough to learn the recorder at school, to have regular singing lessons, and to have the chance to learn the violin thanks to a special scheme run by my local education authority. Now, though, with a much bigger official curriculum to deliver, I often read of teachers saying that...
  5. Bluegrass & Country & American Swing

    A thread for posting Country Music, Bluegrass, & other American forms of music popular in the twentieth century.
  6. Baroque Music As You Like It.

    A thread to put any chance finds on YouTube, or any interesting bits of information on Baroque Music in General. I love Baroque Music, and I am lucky enough to have as my violin teacher a professional HIP (Historically Informed Performance) violist and violinist, who performs all over the UK &...
  7. Gospel Music

    Gospel Music: Gospel music is a genre of Christian music. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel music varies according to culture and social context. Gospel music is composed and performed for many purposes, including aesthetic pleasure, religious or...
  8. Baroque Organ Music

    I love Baroque Music & I thought it would be useful to have a thread where I can find examples of Baroque Organ Music. I'm listening to Louis Couperin at the moment. Performed by Davitt Moroney, Boizard organ (1714), Saint-Michel-en-Thierache.
  9. French Baroque

    When I started to listen to classical music properly, seven years ago, my biggest discovery was Lully and the French Baroque style. I love the spirited elegance of Lully - maybe because he was a dancer and I am too. Lully was selfish and greedy...
  10. Folk Song Classics

    The obvious place to start on this thread is with 'I sowed the seeds of love'. This was the first English folk song recorded by Cecil Sharp and marked the start of the Folk Song Revival of the early twentieth century. The lyrics can be found here along with more details of the historic...
  11. Obsolete & Archaic

    We just went to our local shop to as for 'a dozen' second class stamps, and the lad behind the counter asked us what a 'dozen' meant! :) So many usages have become obsolete or archaic since I was young. It was common for people to express a time - say, 3.25 - as 'five and twenty past three'...
  12. Classical Music that Cheers You Up.

    It's Monday - not too bad for me now I'm retired, but a bit of a downer for anyone stuck in a job they don't like. But there are a few things getting me down right now - like not being able to sell our house in the current political slump in the UK. This thread is for classical music that...
  13. Is there anybody there, said the traveller...

    I quote from a poem The Listeners by Walter de la Mare. A mysterious horseman calls at a house that he'd promised to visit, but there's no reply, though he senses that there are ghosts listening. The poem concludes - ....he suddenly smote on the door, even Louder, and lifted his head:—...
  14. Early music is fun!

    This is a thread to post discoveries you've made or lovely examples of early music. On TC, the early music fans can be a wee bit purist. But here, just post what you like, whether it's truly historically informed performance, or whether it's just people enjoying themselves with crumhorns. :)
  15. Favourite performers of Classical Music.

    A thread for telling people about the players and musicians in The Classical World that you love and respect.
  16. Jazz Crossovers

    Jazz and classical music crossover:
  17. Fabulous Interior Design

    I can never aspire to have my house looking like these gorgeous interiors shown in the colour supplements. I'll never be able to afford a barn conversion. But one can feast one's eyes - and dream! What well-designed rooms have caught your eye?
  18. World Fusion Music

    I love the way that music bears the imprint of whatever part of the world it comes from - of whatever part of a continent it comes from - of whatever part of a smallish landmass (e.g. the UK) it comes from. And I love the way that different cultures can be fused together to a delicious blend...
  19. Pipe Organ & Solo Instrument

    A thread for 'that beautiful blend'. Really hope you can recommend some good music here, featuring pipe organ & one (or more) other instruments. Thank you.
  20. The effect of modern technology on the audience for classical music.

    Is it good or bad? Probably a bit of both, depending on how you look at it. For me, there's never been a better time to learn about music. There are examples on YouTube of any composer you feel curious about. I think the availability of western classical music has also brought it a new...