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  1. Top rated Male Jazz vocalists

    Flollowing up from my thread on female jazz singers lets hear some of the top males. If we move alphabetically its got to start with Louis. followed by Chet Baker...
  2. Jazz in a Classic Mood

    Is there such a thing? I think yes, after listening to the following track. I hope Forum members will give their own ideas on the subject.
  3. Great Swing

    For me Swing is an important variation of "Jazz" and I start this new thread hoping that the Forum agrees. Anyway I will start the ball rolling with a track by one of the Greats;
  4. Forum Members and their Latest CD Purchases (Sample Tracks)

    While posting tracks from my own recent purchases under the section on "Recent CD Purchases" it occurred to me that perhaps a whole new thread could perhaps be allocated for this purpose so here I am giving it a try. (I must admit at this point that I only know how to obtain such tracks is...
  5. Problem pasting jazz from Youtube

    Up to now my problem has been confined to pasting some jazz. Posting Louis worked as did the john wilson orch. But trying to paste for example; - Stan Getz Jack Teagarden did not. I will try to paste more Jazz onto this thread to try and highlight what is going wrong, so please bear with me for...
  6. Great Jazz Guitarists

    My idea is play tracks by great jazz guitarists that may or may not be familiar to Forum members. Everyone please feel free to add your own favourites. To open with - a track by Russell Malone.
  7. Louis Armstrong favourites

    I suddenly have an unstopable urge to start a Satchmo thread. The main purpose is to get those Forum members interested to post their own favourite Louis track. I start off with my own alltime favourite "I've got the right to sing the blues" Just listen to the fabulous trumpet solo.
  8. The trombone as a jazz instrument over the years.

    For me the main instruments which have been utilised from the beginnings of Jazz are: Trumpet Trombone Clarinet Piano Bass/tuba Drums with various saxes joining the fray along the way. Subsequently many instruments more recognised for use in Classical music have joined in ie; Horns; flute...
  9. A message from Mike

    Sorry Mike but I have meant to respond to your idea for some time. So better late than never - here we go.
  10. Great Jazz Pianists

    From early times in my Jazz listening career when I first listened to Hank Jones playing on Jazz Studio 1 I never tire of hearing him. For example - I would like to hear of a favourite jazz pianist for other Forum members
  11. The latest Jazz (From 2000 ad)

    Since I am pretty ignorant about what is happening in the current Jazz world, it would be great to hear favourite up-to date music from others in our Jazz Forum. As a start I give you this
  12. Jazz from around the World

    I hope that forum members will look for and offer tracks from a wide range of the World's Countries. I will start things rolling with some jazz from Italy. Cheers John
  13. A lovely bit of jazz

    A chance for anyone to post a sample of the jazz that appeals to them. (I saw this one today and ws inspired to start the thread.)
  14. Less well known Jazz Musicians

    It seems to me, (and obviously others may disagree), that many Jazz Forum posters tend to limit their entries to jazz musicians who are well known. I would like posters to this thread to expose their interest in lesser well-known musicians and wherever possible to link examples of their music...
  15. Unusual Jazz Instruments

    I was discussing the French Horn as a jazz instrument and Mat suggested I start a new thread about unusual jazz instruments. Well here goes. I will start things going by giving a short spiel on what I consider to be an unusual musical instrument to be used in Jazz. I would hope for some lively...
  16. Your top rated Female Jazz Vocalists

    I can't remember if this has ever been a thread in my time with the Forum (from Jan 2010), but here goes. Who would be your top rated 6 female jazz singers during the history of jazz. Off the top of my head here are mine;- Billie Holiday Ella Fitzgerald Anita O'Day June Christy Cleo Laine Diana...
  17. Uploading to the gallery

    Hii Frederick, I cant get any of my painting photos to upload (an error with the file I'm told) and the email address you send me bounces. Can you make a suggestion or should I just give up? Cheers John
  18. Best Jazz Trombonist ever

    There have been many greats. Who is your top trombonist of all time.
  19. Best Jazz Trombonist ever

    There have been many greats. Who is your top jazz trombonist of all time.
  20. Postings to Jazz threads

    As a recent recruit I am a little surprised at how few Jazz Forum members seem to get involved in response to many new threads. This is puzzling when the relatively large numbers of viewings are compared