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  1. The Romantic Generation

    Has anyone read The Romantic Generation by Charles Rosen? I'm currently reading The Classical Style and enjoying it immensely. What do you all think of his next book?
  2. Where to start(over)?

    I played piano and organ in my youth. Haven't touched either in 20 years. I would like to start playing piano again but don't have the time for regular lessons. I am looking for good solo learning materials...any suggestions?
  3. Personality and Misunderstanding

    I've found in my years discussing and exploring the various aspects of life the thing that surprises me most is how so very different many people are in their modes of thinking. These different modes of thinking are sometimes very well illustrated as personality types. This is, of course, not...
  4. Digital piano suggestions

    I'm looking to purchase a digital piano. It's been years since I've played regularly and would like to relearn what I have forgotten(and more). Can anyone make suggestions for a digital piano that is under $500? I would like something with weighted graded hammer action, good quality piano and...
  5. The Post a Musical YouTube Link Thread

    Post any music-related YouTube link! Music videos, live performances, interviews. Share your favorite music and introduce others to things they may not be aware of. :cheers: Bernstein rehearsing Mahler, part 2, part 3 Oliver Mtukudzi TOOL
  6. The Faceless

    The Faceless. I've been listening to this new metal band and I must say I think they're one of the best I've heard. I'm partial to tech metal to begin with and The Faceless do it well. Whaddya think...?
  7. Can this track be considered a classical form?

    I'm not sure where to put this thread, so I'm sticking it in "General" just to be safe. It is a question about classical form, but in reference to a non classical piece of music. The track Reflection by Tool can be found here.(I apologize for the poor audio quality -- I had to downsample the...
  8. Dave Weckl

    Anyone else here a fan of Dave Weckl? I personally think he's the greatest percussionist in history and quite possibly the greatest non-classical musician alive today. Opinions?
  9. Shostakovich Op. 87 recommendations

    I've been getting into Shostakovich, lately, and would like to try his 24 Preludes & Fugues. Does anyone have a recommendation on a conductor or a specific recording? I'm thinking about Tatiana Nikolayeva or perhaps Ashkenazy. Has Gergiev ever recorded this piece? I'm a big fan of his...
  10. Avatar problem

    Each time I try to upload an avatar, I get the message: "Unable to save avatar" I've tried jpegs and gifs of varying sizes(down to 80x80). Any suggestions?
  11. Hello, all

    I've never made an introductory thread on a forum, before -- I hope I'm doing this right. Only one forum has ever held my attention enough to make me an active member; hopefully this will be the second.:) I'm a lover of all musics, the majority of my listening time spent on classical. I enjoy...