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  1. gord

    great jazz units

    i got this idea from steves post about,trane tyner and jones. how about basie,walt page,freddie green and jo jones.any other groups? gord
  2. gord

    who or what kind of jazz do you like to listen to the most

    john coltranes prestige albums jack teagarden singing the blues anything produced by norman granz in the 50s thelonious monks solo piano west coast big bands bob florence,bill holman,shorty rogers these are my choices, gord
  3. gord

    jazz singles that became hits

    maybe this thread will work, that is if it has not been done before. i will start it off with brubecks take five and getz desafinado.gord
  4. gord

    best jazz artist not born in the usa

    we all know the best and most creative jazz musicians are americans, but who do you think is the best jazz musician not born in the usa. i nominate tubby hayes, can anyone think of any others. dead or alive. gord