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  1. Priest

    Intense, new presentation of my company

    Hello all you lovely MIMF'ers out there. Haven't been posting in here for quite a while. Together with the canadian-romanian (now danish) artist Marius Budu, have I launched a new presentation of our company Intense. Gives a little insight in some of the things that we do :cool...
  2. Priest

    Hatesphere music video

    I proudly present this new video I directed together with my friend Marius Budu. Warning. Contents are a little hardcore
  3. Priest

    Wall Wide Media - a little different website.

    I've recently been projectmanaging the setup of a little different kind of website for a danish scaffold commercial company. Our aim was to try to make a more dynamic interface, giving it a landscape feel you'd see in animated movies. enjoy
  4. Priest

    new abstracts

  5. Priest

    Copenhagen Bomb Sessions

    I did this picture for a client of mine, a danish music producer, Tom J. :grin:
  6. Priest

    SUSPEKT . Amore Infelice - music video

    Just finished production of the next music video for the danish horrorcore rap group SUSPEKT. A story about love and madness. Can be seen at youtube
  7. Priest

    SUSPEKT music video online

    Together with my friend, Tore Rex Andersen, I've directed and produced a music video for the danish horrorcore rap group, SUSPEKT, for their new album, Prima Nocte. The track is about being worker class and we decided to take a more abstract angle on the subject. So we proudly present to all...
  8. Priest

    The Psyke Project - music video

    Only been a little online here lately. Just finished directing a music video together with my friend Tore Rex Andersen, that I have my company with. It's made for a danish hardcore band called The Psyke Project. can be seen here under videoes.
  9. Priest


    Today the police went in and took hold of a squat in Copenhagen. Building that have been used as a culture center for alternative culture for the last 25 years.. Was of course on the spot to grab some footage... approx 500 more pictures here.. only roughly sorted...
  10. Priest

    Pachanga - fest på lørdag

  11. Priest

    Intense - firma hjemmeside

    Har lige lagt en beta ud af min hjemmeside. Kommer nogle ændringer til den indenfor de næste par dage, men det giver ret godt ideen om hvad vi vil have. Intense Send den endeligt videre til alle jeres venner og veninder og skaf os en masse jobs :]
  12. Priest

    Dirty politics (Russia)

    As the media has cried out lately.. Alexander Litvinenko died a little while ago after taking in some radioactive chemical at a sushi restaurant. Well.. as it is.. all eyes are on Putin, as the man behind it. But what other possibilities might lie behind it? This is only theory.. but if I...
  13. Priest

    new works. From dreamscapes to digital blasphemy

    hello people. Been awhile since I dropped by last time. I've got new goodies that I've made. Got signed by Galerie Cobra, who bought a series of pictures from me. Watering the Fields of Elysium printed 277 x 130 cm on canvas If Heaven Won... printed 265 x 130 cm on canvas...
  14. Priest

    System Danmarc Re-Event
  15. Priest

    model shoots

    Model: Kir (kirstine løgstrup) shoots for [click for larger image] more pictures here
  16. Priest

    Ha Ha Ha America (short film)

    interesting short film about rise in chinese economy quite interested in seeing some of the conservative americans opinion about this one.
  17. Priest


    took a series with my girlfriend last weekend for our site more here
  18. Priest


    did a little picture series here today with a LOONIE.. hehe.. more here:
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  20. Priest

    Snow White, Alien Hunter

    First time I tried to use painter.. yeehaaa.. I am so much in love with this program... "Snow White, Alien Hunter."