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  1. releases from controller

    And I see that now releases are available. But how do I know that a controller send releases in the midi message? Actually I have behringer UMX *** I suppose they dont. Thanks in advance, Francois
  2. speakers: studio or music

    Hello all, I suppose the question is already answered but I dont find. What is the difference in music experience between Studio speakers (linear) and normal ( I am lookin at a little SONY hifi: 2 speakers and amp/tuer etc, which are also quite transportable). Thanks in advance.
  3. Auditive quality (question)

    Hello to all, Its a long time I was not here and I come with following question, of course speaking of the actual state of the art. How is the difference of auditive quality on the long run (practice over 2 h / day) between Graqndorgue and Hauptwerk? I cant do the test myself actually... I am...
  4. hbw to wav

    What is the way to convert from encrypted HW to wav?Some free organs are hbw, I dont understand why. Is it technically possible to pass them to wav?
  5. Grandorgue for Ubuntu question

    Hello, I think of buying an asus f201e with celeron 847 (64bits they say und Ubuntu inside. But the page in "Grab binary packages directly" doesnt mention an...
  6. Loudspeakers for organ-PA

    Hello, Can someone make recomandation for VPO-loudspeakers in PA-power (active or passive, if passive see postings-bottom). I mean: actually I have Grandorgue + Focusrite 6ch output (later maybe Hauptwerk). For home use, "little" speakers are ok. But for concert in churches, all what I found...
  7. Soundcard: choosing it for multi-channel

    Hello, I use Grandorgue and want to multichannel the output (audiogroups, like in HW). I would like to have till 6 channels (quadro-vertical, one center, one rear) and have not so much choice. Two models are coming out the possibilities, here. I want just to know if both support multichannels as...
  8. more speakers channels for GrandOrgue ??

    Hello VPO-friends. I would like to have the output of my computer sending the output differently if it is first manual, second m or pedal. I know that GO is "only" stereo 2.0 but this would be a great enhancement to have for example the sound directed to a 5.1 system. Smthg like the grand-orgue...
  9. GrandOrgue MyOrgan Stops control with ShortcutKey=#ascii

    Hello! I would like to use 3 (computer-) keyboards for stops- and pistons-control. The main aim is (not speaking of this easy and cheap solution) a systematic in labelling the keyboards: left and right (with shift mechanically locked) for stops in Cavaillé-Coll system*, the 3rd kb is dismantled...