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    Handel's water music

    Do you like Handel's water music? As an oboeist, i can tell you it is an amazing piece to play. The music is not only semi challanging, but beautiful. Which suit is your favorite?I think i prefer Air the best. It , to me, is one of those pieces that you can loose yourself in. Its has such a...
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    who is your favorite jazz musician?

    Do you prefer the older jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong or are you more or a fan of the newer musicians? I prefer the older ones. I like the soulful sounds that they produced. To me there is nothing like putting on some Ella Fitzgerald when its raining or you are feeling down. There is just...
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    Hello from Canada

    Hi, im 28 from canada and an oboe player. Im always looking for forums of musicians to talk about music with and exchange ideas. I was happy to find your forum. It is very nice and i look forward to seeing everything it has to offer. It would also be nice to talk to some other classical...