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    Little Brown Jug - trumpet trio

    Hi everyone, It's not really "jazz" in an improvisational sense, but if you'd like a little interlude you may like to have a peek at my latest little gem :) Glenn Miller's version of this tune was where my arranging interest started as I sat there with the cassette lifting a few lines when I...
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    A few jazz Brass Quintet arrangements

    Hi everyone, Have turned the "pen" to brass recently with a few brass quintets. Appreciate comments, and some youtube activity to keep them alive :) Hope you enjoy, Rob "When The Saints" "All Blues" (starts pretty normal, but stick with it for a nice Tuba solo...
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    Blues progressions (licks, analysis, and pentatonic patterns)

    Hi everyone, Jazz Lick Of The Week #9 is up. It's a big one and took me ages so hope it's of value to some. It includes some licks for beginners (with backing tracks), pentatonic licks for more advanced, and a good chunk of blues analysis looking at some "less obvious" progressions. My...
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    Jazz Lick Of The Week #7 (Carl Fontana)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to feature some lines suited to our trombone players this edition, but they're well suited to everyone. Rob
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    Free Big Band sheet music and more.

    I've just added one or two items in my "Free Stuff" at my site. If you're in a big band i've offered a hard swinging piece called "Hi Flyer". (audio and pdf samples on the site). There's a few other items on there also. Love you to grab some of them, but also just having a look will help get...
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    "Jazz Lick Of The Week"

    Hi Everyone, Recently I started a free web page called "Jazz Lick Of The Week". It's as its name suggests - a few licks for you to have a look at. I provide PDF's for almost every instrument, and some backing tracks to try the lines out over. It's been very popular, and i'll keep it up as long...
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    Jazz improv tutorials (medium level)

    Hi all, I’ve made a couple of on line things for any interested players looking to work on their improv. One is a youtube clip aimed at the medium level player. It focuses on the min II V I progression. I give my thoughts and a few licks with backing tracks. You can find it at...
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    Have you heard this amazing vocal group??!!

    Hi everyone. This group has been very generous to allow me to place them on my website. While I have them please visit their page and have a listen to some of their music. They are the best in Australia of their genre, and amongst the best in the world...