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  1. Albert

    Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops announced the new hymnal for 2021

    I looked at the list of hymns included, and it's a real mixed bag. Albert
  2. Albert

    Christmas Fanfare

    Here is the November 2009 Kommt allen tezamen set as an intro by André van Vliet, Johannus' staff organist in Noteworthy Composer format. There is a free viewer that allows you to print on their site here:
  3. Albert

    Johannus Organs win surprise award from me!

    I own an elderly Johannus Opus 10 that I bought in 2000. One of the pedal lights burnt out, and I emailed Johannus to purchase a couple when I could not find a bulb with the base. I received an email from their service department stating that it was in fact an unusual base used in older Dutch...
  4. Albert

    Cannot upload new profile photo

    I put it on my desktop at 400x400, which was 96.4 k, and it would not go, so I dropped it to 380x380, and it still won't go. 90.3 k on disk. Any ideas?
  5. Albert

    Simulating/substituting for Vox Humana

    I have several pieces which use only the Vox Humana. The latest by Ralph Kinder uses it in two movements, and I cannot get it to sound to my ears. I have a smallish two manual Johannus, with two sets of stops: American Classic and English Baroque. Pick and choose among these stops, if anyone...
  6. Albert

    What is this organ?

    I happened upon this video and a couple of others on the same instrument. Does anyone recognize the organ?
  7. Albert

    Hello from the Rocky Mountains of BC

    I live in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains, about 30 miles North of Montana and 10 miles West of Alberta. I still do a little work on line from time to time, but my time is mostly my own. I benefit from all the senior discounts. My wife, Claire, and I still have most of our health, aside...