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  1. Albert

    Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops announced the new hymnal for 2021

    I looked at the list of hymns included, and it's a real mixed bag. Albert
  2. Albert

    Johannus Organs win surprise award from me!

    I own an elderly Johannus Opus 10 that I bought in 2000. One of the pedal lights burnt out, and I emailed Johannus to purchase a couple when I could not find a bulb with the base. I received an email from their service department stating that it was in fact an unusual base used in older Dutch...
  3. Albert

    Cannot upload new profile photo

    I put it on my desktop at 400x400, which was 96.4 k, and it would not go, so I dropped it to 380x380, and it still won't go. 90.3 k on disk. Any ideas?
  4. Albert

    Simulating/substituting for Vox Humana

    I have several pieces which use only the Vox Humana. The latest by Ralph Kinder uses it in two movements, and I cannot get it to sound to my ears. I have a smallish two manual Johannus, with two sets of stops: American Classic and English Baroque. Pick and choose among these stops, if anyone...
  5. Albert

    What is this organ?

    I happened upon this video and a couple of others on the same instrument. Does anyone recognize the organ?
  6. Albert

    Hello from the Rocky Mountains of BC

    I live in the Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains, about 30 miles North of Montana and 10 miles West of Alberta. I still do a little work on line from time to time, but my time is mostly my own. I benefit from all the senior discounts. My wife, Claire, and I still have most of our health, aside...