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    What type of vehicle do you drive?

    What type of vehicle do you drive? You don't necessarily have to own it, just list it.
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    Do you agree with unfinished works finished by others?

    There are many works that were left unfinished by the composer and were finished by others. Do you agree with this or you think that it was better to leave those works in that state?
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    How much do you Smoke

    Poll on how much does you smoke- or are smoking hot!
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    Rare rock videos

    New thread as I see more and more old rare footage is being posted online. Here is one to start. Original Fleetwood Mac looking like an out-take from Austin Powers Movie
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    If composers were Doctor Who incarnations

    First Doctor William Hartnell: Franz Liszt Second Doctor Patrick Troughton: Andre Jolivet Third Doctor Jon Pertwee: Josef Haydn Fourth Doctor Tom Baker: George Frideric Handel Fifth Doctor Peter Davison: ???? Sixth Doctor Colin Baker: ?????? Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy: ?????? Eighth Doctor...
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    Varese Vs Varese Vs Varese Vs Varese

    Early, middle, late or very late Edgard? , 1883- 1965. Which do you prefer? And do you think the dissection of his musical life into four, distinct periods holds water? I mean, is it just a simplistic formulation or was his career actually so cleanly divisible into three? i.e. 1.pre 1915...
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    Wig Party vs Avant-garde Party

    Which faction do you join? There is no alternative!
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    If North Korea gets serious!, what does the world do!

    With all this North Korean posturing whatshould be done -- Firstly don't worry if no one else is doinganything I have a plan its simple and guaranteed success or something, a goodlaugh if nothing........... :smirk: The solution is simple - even I know what to do - declare war on Canada. (they...
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    A hundred years hence...

    ...What will "classical music" sounds like in one hundred years hence. Will people be listening to classical music? What will they consider "classical music"? Will Mozart still be enjoyed by many? Haydn? Cage? Beethoven? What will be listen to and what will be forgotten? What do you think?:eek:
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    Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational effect!

    A little known fact is the apart from Comets and solar flares thereor other dangers to the Earth. Namely, The Jupiter Effect, in that a Grand Alignment of the planets could spell doomsday for the Earth on May 10th, 2013. In 1976, Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore made an announcement along a...
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    Doing bad things to a Stratocaster version 1

    The following has all been recorded (badly) by me using a Fender Stratocaster - a nice early 80's jap made one too. Don't think Leo would like what I'm doing with it. I call it MOMD- music of mass destruction............. No Money/ or Stratocaster was harmed (or used) in the making of the this...
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    Favorite silent music -- Vote for 1

    Over the last century or so, silent music has flourished as a musical form. The development of this genre over time, can be seen as the gradual changes in idiom, technique, and above all aesthetic content. The realization of the potentialities of the composer's intent may reflect of the...
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    Your Favorite Apocalypse

    mmm this needs some serious thought hey. Ah well if it happens wont need to worry to much. Could be like in Hitchhikers guide some alien race of bureaucrats blow us up to build a space highway mmm. Or the earth's ionosphere dissipates and we all get irradiated from space....... Slowly...
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    Aussie Rock - Who is Your favorite Band

    Here is a top 20 -plus some (not mine) 1.Midnight Oil – Diesel and Dust (1987) 2.AC/DC – Back in Black (1980) 3.Crowded House – Woodface (1991) 4.Cold Chisel – Circus Animals (1982) 5.The Triffids – Born Sandy Devotional (1986) 6.The Easybeats – The Best of the Easybeats (1967) 7.Paul...
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    Who Is / Was the Craziest Most Insane Composer of All Time (WIWTCMICOAT)

    Most Genius composers were/ are either somewhat crazy, totally crazy or even evil crazy. Who is your pick as the craziest- either musically/ or personally? I'll start of by Nominating some: Richard Wagner - In 1839 he was forced to flee Riga, Russia(money issues) then flee Germany because...
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    Unusual (fake) instruments

    Just been listening to and suddenly thought that sounds a bit weird. Checked the sleeve notes and found that on track 16 where the matelots should be playing "trompettes marines" they were in fact playing kazoos. Anybody else come across this sort of fakery, or topical fake instruments like...
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    Watch out for the following web site- unless you want a good laugh

    Watch out for the following web site- unless you want a good laugh MACHINA DYNAMICAAdvanced Audio ConceptsWe Do Artificial Atoms Right New Product!! Diamond Light Crystal (fenShui:mad::cool:?) - A Programmed High Frequency Clarifier, $39 each. The 1 1/2" leaded glass crystal comes with...
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    moi vs vu

    Rate these two iconic bands from the 60's early 70's:smirk: MOI - Mothers of Invention (or just Mothers) and VU Velvet Underground (or Velvets) with or without Nico.. Now these bands were both produced by Tom Wilson (who first signed them both) and were both popular at the same time and both...
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    Hi I'm Edgard Victor Achille Charles Varèse an innovative French-born composer who spent the greater part of his career in the United States. My music emphasizes timbre and rhythm and my use of new instruments and electronic resources led to me being known as the "Father of Electronic Music"...