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  1. rojo

    Happy Birthday wljmrbill !!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL !! :trp: Hope you have a great day full of fun things. :up:
  2. rojo

    Happy Birthday Krummhorn!!

    Birthday greetings for Lars today! :trp: :clap::clap:Happy Birthday Krummhorn!!:clap::clap: I hope you have a great day. :)
  3. rojo

    Happy Birthday Frederik!!

    Well well, it's our fearless leader's birthday today! :trp: :grin: Hope you have a great day, Frederik! :clap: Take some time to enjoy yourself. :up:
  4. rojo

    Happy Birthday Art Rock!!

    Hey, it's Hennie's B'day today! :trp::trp:Happy Birthday Art Rock!!:trp::trp: Hope you have a great day. :)
  5. rojo

    Happy Birthday to Mat !!

    It's Mat's birthday today! :clap: :trp: Happy Birthday Mat!! :trp: Hope you have a great time. :up:
  6. rojo

    Happy Birthday wljmrbill !!

    Hey, it's wljmrbill's birthday today! :trp::trp: Happy Birthday Bill !! :trp::trp: Hope you have a great day! :clap:
  7. rojo

    Happy Birthday Lusaka_Guitarist!

    :trp: Happy Birthday Lusaka_Guitarist! :trp: Hope you have a great day! :)
  8. rojo

    Happy Birthday Montefalco!

    :trp::trp: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTEFALCO! :trp::trp: Hope you are having a great day! :clap::clap::clap:
  9. rojo

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July to all our American members! :trp::clap::trp::clap::trp: Hope you all have a great day. :up: Enjoy the fireworks tonight too! :grin:
  10. rojo

    World's Best Restaurants - Copenhagen's Noma wins

    Well, how do you like that. I wonder if Frederik eats there. :cool: Perhaps some of our other esteemed members have been there as well?
  11. rojo

    Happy Birthday Art Rock!

    Happy B'day Art Rock! Hope you have a great day!
  12. rojo

    Happy Birthday Mat!!

    Hey, it's Mat's birthday today! :trp: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAT! :trp: Hope you have a great time. :clap:
  13. rojo

    2010 Winter Olympics - Vancouver

    Anyone watching? I'll probably tune in here and there, and catch some highlights. I enjoy seeing the best of the best athletes at the top of their game. These are some very dedicated individuals. It may be somewhat unfair that some countries have more money to fund athletes, and that some...
  14. rojo

    Grammy Awards 2010 - Classical

    Here are this year's nominees: Category 95 Best Engineered Album, Classical (An Engineer's Award. (Artist names appear in parentheses.)) Britten: Billy Budd Neil Hutchinson & Jonathan Stokes, engineers (Daniel Harding, Nathan Gunn, Ian Bostridge, Gidon Saks, Neal Davies, Jonathan...
  15. rojo

    Thanks greatcyber!

    Just wanted to thank Stephen for a really nice time yesterday. :) Seeing as we live in the same city, and have known each other here at MIMF for over a year, it just seemed like a cool idea to meet up. So upon invitation, I visited Stephen at his lovely home, where he cooked me a very fine...
  16. rojo

    Happy Birthday Rune!!

    :clap::trp::clap: Happy Birthday Rune! :clap::trp::clap: Hope you have a wonderful day full of fun.
  17. rojo

    Pet ethics question

    Supposing that your pet got sick and needed emergency treatment. Let's say the pet is 8 years old, and has generally been in good health. Without the treatment, the animal would most likely not survive. With the treatment, it's chances would be better, but not guaranteed. The treatment costs...
  18. rojo

    Happy Birthday Turwethiel!

    Hope you have a great day, Turwethiel! :) :clap::up::clap::up::clap::up::clap::up::clap:
  19. rojo


    Has anyone else been using this feature? I've been loading up my homepage with all kinds of useless stuff to amuse myself; games, music players, weather, news etc.. At the moment the theme I have as background is 'Dynamic Dots'. Before that it was 'Fractals'. :grin:
  20. rojo

    Thinking of giving a pet as a gift for Xmas? Might not be a good idea.

    Just saw something on tv about pet shelter over population. It prompted me to post this, even if it's a bit late. SPCA Exclusive With the holidays approaching quickly and gifts already getting wrapped one present that should be carefully considered before purchasing is a dog or cat for a...