A lovely bit of jazz


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I'll agree with that Gord, I was listening to a track from the same session a couple of days ago; have you noticed the video of Sir Charles bears no resemblance to the music! Not just out of sync but probably an entirely different piece, looks like the same video as on the other track I watched, and it wasn't that piece either!!


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Hi Mike - The MJQ was one of my earliest Jazz favourites, this track in particular. If anything in Jazz approaches Classical music for intellectual stimulus, this is it.

Hi Gord - What a personell list, doesn't it swing!!!! - its great.

Hi Escher - I must say, that despite my old fashioned tastes, this track sounds good to me, enough to want to follow the groupinHere's another from me.
(I have only recently become acquainted with Kenny Davern, Johnny Varro and joe ascione via Spotify)

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john, kenny davern,i loved that.
john, ed polcer, hot swinging jazz, excellent.
g.b.brubeck,desmond, mulligan. superb.


Another great thread from John. Can honestly say I have enjoyed all the posts. I am now racking my brains for something worthy to be placed here.


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To me, the next piece is one of the most awesome and perfectly executed compositions ever. In its somber beauty and spirituality, it almost--at times--has me convinced that I am wrong in not believing in God. A true masterpiece--IMHO--if ever there were one.
With apologies to OLDUDE, I modestly offer up the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m2HN2y0yV8