A piece of program music for amplified ensemble/orchestra


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Hello! I'd like to share a piece of program music I wrote back in December 2006 and completed in June 2007. This piece is called "The Virgin's Jewel" and the story/concept of the piece is inspired by a short story written by Filipino author Nick Joaquin entitled "The Legend of the Virgin's Jewel."

You may all download the recorderd version on the link below:

The Virgin's Jewel (Complete)

The full score can be dowloaded via the next link:

The Virgin's Jewel (Full Score)

"The Virgin's Jewel" is 25 minutes long and is divided into the following movements (played in an uniterrupted fashion):

1. The Goatherd's Offering (00:00 - 06:39)
2. Brother Fernando and The Virgin (06:40 - 13:01)
3. The Empty Bowl and The Serpent (13:02 - 17:32)
4. A Midnight Duel (17:33 - 21:40)
5. Finale (21:40 - 25:00)

You may refer to the full score for program notes and instrumentation as well.

If possible, I would like to ask for reviews and constructive criticism regarding my work. I would also like to improve on my notation/score rendering (as this seems to be an area where I need a lot of improvement) so any suggestions and tips would be of great help and use.

Thank you very much. :)

-Mark Galang-