An outsider’s view of the American Election.


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[FONT=&quot]I have just watched on TV the address given by Bernie Sanders at the Democrat convention and at last I have worked out what the Democrats stand for.
I am amazed that he was not chosen as the candidate he speaks much better than Hillary and the values that he is championing seem to lean more to the socialist view, If I was a US citizen I would be voting Democrats.


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Bernie has, imho, lots more credibility than the other candidates. Even though he is not going to be on the ballot in November, I'm still writing his name in on my ballot. I refuse to waste my vote for either of the other two.

Yes, we do need to have a woman in the White House ... it would be good for this country ... but that woman is not Mrs. Clinton. Condoleeza Rice would have made a much better person to have in the oval office. We had several years with a Clinton ... that as enough, for me ... and I voted for Ross Perot that year.

The media is already claiming so and so has won the election ... but the opera ain't over until the fat lady sings, and that Aria is not going to be sung until November 9, 2016. Until then nobody has won anything ... nobody. The media needs to stop broadcasting the same blather over and over and over again. It's tiring.


They said over here that Labour would win. They said we would vote Remain...........


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Did I see the word "blather"? That goes back to President James T. Buchanan, a Scottish Pastor.
He had the blather and the bluster, with a little blarney on top, just like me.
That's what kept the disUnited States from warring from north to south,
but now he's just called a ditherer.
The next president, one of the most acclaimed, started the American Civil War.

I like Ross Perot. He could have won. But as soon as he found this out, he withdrew.
The Electoral College, who validates the presidential vote, is controlled by Republicans and Democrats.
So no-one else can win.
That's like Canada, you're not voting a new party in because of policy or ideas,
you're voting the old one out because the corruption is so out of control.
And just like voting in a "black man", voting in a "woman", Canada is the same.
Kathleen Wynne won, promoted as a lesbian, and the other woman, as a real estate agent.
I see the Texans as taking control of the Republican Party and leaving it in ruin.
Donald Trump can afford to make it look like a real party with a real candidate,
but... but... oh, let's look at some real American history, for more proof of that.

This is the bottom of a piece of "Occupied Japan" ceramics, a valuable collectable.
Without an honourable surrender, after the horror of the fire-bombing of Japanese cities,
when the country would have surrendered, Americans dropped their two nuclear weapons.
Japanese royalty, prominent business owners and manufacturers, were forced to work in factories,
making products for Americans setting up their military bases in Japan.

The American military invented two new words back then, moron and whacko.
Whacking off was already known, was very prevalent, and hasn't let up, only increasing.
Saying Mako was pronounced macko back then.
It took a lot of nature documentaries and underwater photography around Hawaii,
with the interest in surfing in the States, to get us saying may-co sharks.

The invention of these new words was used to rig intelligence and aptitude tests,
after the war, so white soldiers scored higher, displacing working women, things like that.
I see moron as being a joke on Moroni, the last priest mentioned in the Book of Mormon.
Don't forget, Brigham Young's Mormons fought a military battle to be a country called Utah.

I'm sure everyone can think that ceramics in Japan weren't called China.
That's when Americans couldn't tell the difference, "japs", "chinks" and "gooks" looking all the same,
with China getting the same treatment as the Japanese after being attacked.
Even the lettering, not font, is bad, being the fancy capital letter to start a paragraph,
not meant to be used for every letter of the name or word.
And lo and behold, look at that British crown on top of it all. Izzata Christian cross on top?
Are those olive branches? The disUnited States never held one out.
This is real, the bottom of a saucer.
When I first received it, I wondered if one of the Mitsubishis worked on it.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau decided to get out while the going was good,
and he was heavily advertised in both languages as making this historic decision,
while he was taking a walk in the snow. He and his wife did the white powder.
Afterwards, this newspaper photo release was included in a coffee table book,
put out by the Government of Canada.
People in Toronto say this is a young Glenn Gould. I agree.
I can attest by the dying of my heart, the oozing of my brain, and a crushed dangling,
the every signed in member of is a far better human being,
because our photo-shopping is so much better.


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. . . The Electoral College, who validates the presidential vote, is controlled by Republicans and Democrats.
So no-one else can win.

Not quite ... the Electoral College awards whomever gets 270 electoral votes the job as president. If neither major party gets 270 then there is no automatic declared winner. I am hoping that a write in candidate from Utah will garner enough votes in his state to totally upset the Electoral College outcome. Utah can stop either Clinton or Donald from getting the required 270 votes.

Since Bernie did not consent to be a write in candidate I decided to vote for the candidate from Utah ... a Republican, but a far better person for the job than the other two dooshbags, imho.

The US will be in a world of hurt and political wars if either Don or Hill get into office.

Locally there is already buzzing about who is running on the 2020 ticket ... yeesh ... what's next candidates running then for 2024 and 2028 and then 2032 ... :crazy:


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I was a bit surprised that a serving President can can enter the fracas and show support for a candidate.:confused::confused::confused:
Hill or Don what a choice may as well not vote.

John Watt

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I have to stress, that the electoral college is controlled by Republicans and Democrats.
If anyone else wins, they won't let you in.

But hey, Krummhorn. I say this to you. If the love fits, wear it.
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I agree about the running of the electoral college ... but ... if neither major political candidate achieves the required 270 votes then other laws and regulations come into play, and there are watchdog groups of other minority political party affiliation that will assure that the process will be done according to the constitution.

If the favorite from Utah sweeps his state, that will block both Don and Hill from getting the minimum 270 votes to be elected president.

What happens next is this:

If no candidate receives a majority of Electoral votes, the House of Representatives elects the President from the 3 Presidential candidates who received the most Electoral votes. Each state delegation has one vote. For example, all of California's 53 representatives would have to vote among themselves to decide how to cast their one overall vote.

And further: The Senate would elect the Vice President from the 2 Vice Presidential candidates with the most Electoral votes. Each Senator would cast one vote for Vice President. If the House of Representatives fails to elect a President by Inauguration Day, the Vice-President Elect serves as acting President until the deadlock is resolved in the House. To add insult to injury the Senate can select a Republican VP to serve with a Democrat President ... and vice versa. They would be forced to work together.

Far fetched scenario .. but it can happen.


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I can see a revised version appearing of the letter reputedly from John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) on the election of Bush which started

To the citizens of the United States of America, in light of your failure to elect a competent President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective today.

Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II resumes monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths and other territories.

If your sense of humour allows you to laugh at it, the full item it's here
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There's one thing I knew already, and there's another I didn't.

First, the second thing.
I see Americans making a conscious decision to lose the "u",
because in terms of the definitions of words, it is part of being "our".
Losing the "u" as part of creating an "American English", is a good part of thou American attitude.

This is the first time I've seen this, looking through the entire page.
If a "weak" version is what most American media are showing,
that's only because they don't want you to read a strong one.

I would like to add one.

16: The Webster's Dictionary is not the original dictionary.
The original dictionary, with the language of the Scottish people who brought you the Holy Bible in English,
is called "Merriam-Webster", and features a thistle for a logo.
However, now that Americans have been owning their own printing presses for a while,
they have printed their version of The Encyclopedia Britannica, the first encyclopedia in the world.
Scottish people invented the encyclopedia, to show Europe that the natives of the new world,
weren't just running dogs with no language or prayer.
The newest Encyclopedia Britannica,
as endorsed by President George Bush and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,
in a very small description, says the Scotsman James Watt invented a valve for steam engines,
and moved to England to be a surveyor after he became bored with Scotland.
At least the portrait they use bears a likeness to my father and his clan.

Speaking about a sense of humour, hum our song if you are that happy,
I'm going to take a photo and be back.
Izzat my foot in his mouth, finally?
Rah! Rah-rah! Rah-rah-rah, eat it raw.
American update: Ho! Ho-ho! Ho-ho-ho, eat a ho.
I'm just a lumberjack, but I'm okay,
I work all night and I sleep all day.


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. . .

If your sense of humour allows you to laugh at it,

:lol: ... good one. And yes the whole election scenario here is a joke. Two of the absolute worst people possible on the face of the earth and one of them stands a good chance of being elected our president for the next 4 years. Spells doom for our nation no matter who gets to sit in the oval office. I, for the record, did not cast my vote for either of those dooshbags. I did vote, but for a write-in candidate from Utah, who if he wins that state guarantees that neither of the two other idiots will get the necessary 270 electoral votes to become president.


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Now some top artists in the pop world will honour their promise to leave America but where will they go?? we don't want them.

John Watt

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It was one of the most incredible acts of terrorism in the world,
when both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were evaporated by a huge explosion.
St. Peter, sitting down to take a break on a very busy day,
saw them both coming up the golden pathway, towards the Gates of Heaven.
He got on the phone to God and said, what should I do?
God said I'm too busy, but you can only let one of them in.

St. Peter watched as they both started shaking the gate, shoving each other,
missing voter registration lists scattering like falling snow,
but they stopped as his glorious being walked over to them.
St. Peter said I'm sorry, but I can only let one of you win, er, in.
Let me ask each of you each a question, and then I'll decide.

He said to Donald, what were you thinking the moment you died.
Donald lowered his head, not to think, but to get sympathy for his bad hair.
He said I was thinking it's a good thing America doesn't have extradition laws,
for committing financial crimes in other countries.
That Toronto newspaper reporter in front of me knew about my Toronto highrise.
It's good when America can help Americans.

St. Peter said to Hillary, what were you thinking the moment you died?
Hillary said, that's a fair question, asking us both the same thing.
Let me think about it, because the shock of seeing so many other people killed,
makes me hesitant to say what I did in front of an angel of the Lord.
But I will. As I saw the drone missile dropping down on all of us, I peed my pants.

St. Peter said to Hillary, go on in.
Donald Trump said how come she gets to go in?

St. Peter said, a First Lady golden shower beats a falling Trumped-up tower.

far, far below, a poor man from New Zealand began to wipe his face,
catching some more trickle-down teary.
Pop stars from California elected to use a Ray-gun, a magic bullet opening the gate,
entering St. Peter from behind, exiting and re-entering up his chest,
leaving his body from the back, and hitting the candidate from Utah,
and all fourteen of his wives.
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Did I hear it wrong or did Obama say he would leave America if Trump had a win.


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I bet you that not one of em leaves, it must have been embarrassing for both of the Obamas having to actually talk and be civil to our Don and wee Melania, what are those things that get stuck in your throat.


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Sympathy and condolences to America on the election tragedy.

Thanks, Mike. But we will have the lesser of two evils ... although I did not vote for either dooshbag. Sadly my presidential write-in candidate from Utah did not take that state as was projected.

We would have been better off with Sanders being the Dem's nomination, who has not yet ruled out 2020 as a possibility.

Very rotten options for the voters this time around ... total garbage offered to the people to vote for.


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Seen on another forum :-

We heard Trump wants to build a wall on the Mexican border, but we reckon the Americans will still find a way to escape!

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The shock at the American election caused the Adam Beck generator to reboot,
sending an over-surge of direct current along the Connecticut River.
A man said he saw Camelot again.
A Volkswagen was seen rising up out of the water,
as the traffic lights turned blue on that street,
and the wind.. cried.. Mary.. Mary Jo.. Mary Jo Kopek/shut down.
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