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I just discovered this group this morning. Has anyone else heard of them?

They've made their name by making Metallica covers played by 4 cellos. Some of their original music is decent, but I'm especially in love with the all cello tunes.

Alex Tiuniaev

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Agree completely. I really love stringed instruments, but I'm not very fond of Metallica. Their own tunes are very nice, though.


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I am in love with Apocalyptica, of course being a cellist there aren't that many main street cellist groups to aspire to. But I heard about this group when I was in highschool, I love that they're all electric ... it is really alot of fun for me


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I'm not very fond of Metallica

I actually agree with you there, at least in respect to everything they've done in the last 13 years. I like their stuff prior to that. It changed American metal forever.


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Long forgotten thread ...

But ,yes, they are awesome !
As i think, their most successful album is Cult.

//Also, even their lyric songs often are much more expressive than classics.


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This band "saved" my life ever since voice in the music become a little annoying...you know that's something that happens from time to time
Mostly listen to their covers on the songs, like Metallica or Wagner... but the unique compositions of them are also something worth listening